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Sup guys, I'm back and here to review another piece of Sonic content. The subject? A fanfic animation series! The series? Sonic's Space Adventures Against Hitler by AvidSonicFan1991 aka Russel Freymuth. Ten episodes long, each twenty something minutes and running at 4 hours, this series, which serves as a crossover between the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and the universe of Downfall Hitler Parodies, focuses on Sonic and his friends as they travel across the stars on a spaceship built by Tails to stop the Nazis before they attack their world.

When it comes to the cast, well, you got the characters in the Downfall movie and parodies. On the Sonic side, you got Sonic himself, Tails, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, Honey the Cat (from Sonic the Fighters) and Sally Acorn. You could say the prelude to this series is basically that video where Hitler phones up Sonic. The video? Hitler Phones Sonic the Hedgehog. Avid Sonic Fan is brilliant and puts things together splendidly so much, the series is worth watching from start to finish. I discovered this almost by accident one day when I was looking at various videos, months later, I started watching them all with my pop and hardly stopped, even though we did briefly after Ep 1.

While Hitler is the main villain of this saga, there's more than him the gang has to worry about such as Xenomorphs, dragons, curses, supply problems and giant bugs. The Sonic characters and most of the minor characters are all voiced by AvidSonicFan himself. Awkward? Yes, but at least he tries to do a good job. Episode one kicks off the series just fine with the start of the adventure and episode two is where we get an Alien/Aliens parody. Episode three is... a weird one. Four? Well, things go fine for the gang. Five and six are a bit creepy. Episode seven shakes things up a bit as Sonic not only has to deal with a Ben Drowned curse, but help a medieval planet's inhabitants fight a dragon. Episode eight is a strange one... Allow me to explain!

At the start of the episode, Sonic is playing a crazy nuts video game to help himself prepare for battle, but during that, a pipsqueak known as the Angry German Kid starts playing it and screams like nuts, spouting off all kinds of bad words and, because the volume is loud, the shouting hurts Sonic's ears. Herman Fegelein's antics cause the ship to crash on a moon base and, after getting some assistance from people working there, Sonic and friends find the last Chaos Emerald and head to their destination. Episode 9 is the beginning of the end of the series and ends on a cliffhanger with Hitler seemingly defeating Sonic and friends with the Pencil of Doom.

Episode 10 is a solid finale, starting off with suspense, it goes all out as the final battle really happens and near the end, Hitler is defeated and the day is saved. After the credits, which talk about the fate of many characters, we end on a little Sonic/Sally scene where they're relaxing together. Overall, as I said before, Sonic's Space Adventures Against Hitler is a really fun web-series and is quite enjoyable. If you are curious, go ahead and watch it either on YouTube or Dailymotion.

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Just like that, I take my leave and see you next time...
-James M

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