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Hey Sonic fans, James M here and today we will be discussing another Sonic fan project i.e Christmas with Sonic by Balena Productions...

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Starting in 2011 and made by Balena Productions himself, Christmas With Sonic follows Sonic and his friends and family every December as they embark on some hilarious (and sometimes not so hilarious) holiday-themed adventures while they have fun at the same time. A little side-plot in each episode involves Sorass, a big purple echidna out for rock candy, who first marries Rouge the Bat and then ends up becoming part of Tails' family in the 2018 episode. While there wasn't an episode in 2017, the show is still going strong to this day with the creator always coming up with great ideas.

The voice actors capture Sonic and his friends' voices and personalities very well, even the guy voicing Eggman seems to be having fun. Yes, Eggman's in it and sometimes he's either up to no good or he's rejoicing the holidays with the Sonic gang. Oh and by the way, lets talk about Sonic, Tails and Eggman's family. Sonic's mom is Queen Aleena from Sonic Underground. Thats' right, Aleena's in it and so are Sonic's siblings Manic and Sonia. As for Sonic's dad Stan (not Jules)? Lets just say he's a dooshbag and call it a day. Tails has a mum and dad who are Canadians and not characters from the Archie Sonic comics. As for Eggman?

Eggman's family consist of a farmer brother, an evil lawyer for a father, a sister and, yes, his mother. Now Eggman's mom is not Mama Robotnik, Its Mrs. Robotnik. In fact, we gotta talk about Eggman's baby brother Bub. After the episode Christmas with Eggman, Mrs. Robotnik and Mr Robotnik rekindled their love and by the time of Christmas with Sonic in Paradise, she's prego with Eggman's little brother. We're introduced to Bub in the next episode and he does make an appearance in the 2018 Reunion episode.

Oh and by the way, Silver is in the show too, but he's a bit of a butt monkey as he's always being given the shaft and getting hurt a lot, the only time he never gets treated like a joke is in Christmas with Sonic Reunion where Stan shows up. Ok, we can't avoid talking about Stan. Stan is Sonic's pop as you know and, yes, he married Aleena years prior. When Sonic was little, Stan left and technically had an off-screen break up with Aleena. All these years later, Stan shows up for the events of Reunion and tries to have a second chance with his family only to completely take things too far. Kudos to Aleena for having the guts to punch Stan in the face.

My thoughts on the series? Its awesome, fun and entertaining, a great way for Sonic fans to get into the Xmas/Chrismas spirit if they have the time every year. Balena P is so creative. I happily give the series a ten for its entertaining story and rewatch value, I cannot wait to see the 2019 episode. Funny how I'm doing this one in November when Xmas falls on December 24th and December 25th. Either way, I happily bow out and say goodbye!

-James M

[Extra note: According to Balena Productions, the next episode of the series will be the finale of Christmas with Sonic. A shame to see this series go but all good things must come to an end eventually and some things are fun as they last.
Yes I will review the final episode after it drops, nothing will be unreviewed!]


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