Guest Post -James M's review of Archie Mega Man

Hey comic fans, CrazyGamerHistorian1999 here and today we will be discussing the Archie Mega Man comics which started in 2011 and went on until its cancellation in 2015 just a year and a half before the Archie Sonic comics came to an end.

Lets get started...

Mega Man has been going strong for over thirty years strong, fighting other robots and stopping the ambitions of the evil Doctor Wily and other villains who seek to take over the world. Starring in countless games, Mega Man has gone on to earn the hearts of countless fans and star in other media. Comics, cartoons, you name it. While Mega Man has been in comics loads of times, one Mega Man comic stands out from all the others, Archie Mega Man.
Headed by Ian Flynn, who was writing for Archie Sonic during that time, Mega Man adapts the events of the classic games while going in new directions by telling original stories and introducing original characters to avoid being a repeat of the games themselves. But in the beginning, the Archie Mega Man comics were a success but they had trouble selling very well. What helped get the comic a sales boost was thanks to the Worlds Collide crossover between Sonic and the Blue Bomber.

The first four issues of the comic adapted the events of the first Mega Man game in an arc known as "Let the Games Begin" before the second arc told an original story which ended up serving as a loose adaption of Mega Man Powered Up. The next arc afterwards adapted Mega Man 2 before, thanks to the looming Worlds Collide crossover, the following arcs told original stories and one-offs. After the first crossover, the comic adapted Super Adventure Rockman before telling a long storyline leading up to the events of Mega Man 3, while introducing Mega Man X. The Mega Man 3 adaptation lasted 8 issues and two arcs before the first issue afterwards served as a prelude to the next crossover between Sonic and Mega Man known as Worlds Unite.

After the Worlds Unite crossover? The comic was put on hiatus after its 55th issue and has not yet returned. Archie Mega Man has a legacy that will be respected for years to come, even if it was resurrected at some point by IDW or Archie. Is this comic worth reading? Yes it is. Funny how this review was short, but it doesn't matter, I will see you all next time. I love Mega Man!

-James M


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