Tuesday Tango: 30 Day Writing Challenge

A writing challenge I can't resist.  A friend enticed me to join in doing a 30 Day Writing Challenge designed a while back by Athena at One Word at a Time starting on August 15th. I typed up without the numbers so could start mid month.  I plan on using it to get back into Eyes in the Ashes abd stimulate those writing taste buds.  Fun!  

  1. Write 5 possible first sentences
  2. A main character’s biggest secret
  3. The theme of this story
  4. Explore the midpoint of your plot
  5. A main character’s biggest regret
  6. What excites you the most about this particular story?
  7. A scene that would never actually appear in this story.
  8. An antagonist’s pet peeves
  9. A main character’s theme song
  10. How do you want the reader to feel while reading this book?
  11. The most important day in a main character’s life.
  12. A prologue you don’t plan to publish
  13. A main character’s favorite inspirational quote or motto
  14. Your fears about this project.
  15. A glowing 5 star review that you’d love to receive for this story.
  16. Every character’s astrological sign
  17. Your 200 word elevator pitch about this book
  18. The antagonist’s reoccurring dream
  19. A scene in which a character now has a mental health or personality disorder.
  20. A letter to your inner critic from your highly successful multi published award winning future self.
  21. A main character’s most cherished possession
  22. A page long sentence describing in minute detail where a main character sleeps (stream of consciousness)
  23. The worth thing that could happen
  24. Go to a public place, find an interesting stranger, and place them in a scene with a main character
  25. What the antagonist really wishes others would understand about them.
  26. What do you need to do to become a more productive writer?
  27. The climax of the story in one page
  28. A main character’s most embarrassing moment
  29. A poem about the story’s location
  30. Your commitment to yourself as a writer and this project in particular.

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