Sunday Salon Chit Chat

I was a complete slug this morning as my wonderful son decided to by helpful by putting my kitty alarm cat outside. Hubby is out doing his 10k walk and James is playing Breath of the Wild.

I just finished #7 in Wheel of Time – A Crown of Swords – and it seemed a bit more chaotic with a lot more characters coming into play and poor Matt being treated rather shabbily for most of the book. Last night I delved into The Year of Yes by Shonda Rimes which is pretty darn good.  As an introvert myself, saying Yes to everything that is scary, is in itself a scary proposition.

Also reading Fire Up Your Writing Brain by Susan Reynolds which is quite interesting and working my way through a new release by a blogging friend -  Journaling towards Wholeness by Molly Totoro.  It's out in physical book format now, too.

I’m ready to dive into War and Peace and give it my complete attention…sort of, kinda, maybe.

So...I managed, quite successfully, to post for every single day of June and by doing so, it's put me back in the habit of writing daily. Surprisingly in Fire Up  Your Writing Brain, they say:

"Fifteen to twenty minutes of expressive writing, three to five times a week has been shown to have positive health benefits, including long term improvements in mood, stress levels and depressive symptoms.  Those who experienced stressful or traumatic events and wrote about it had fewer illnesses, lower blood pressure, and spent less time in the hospital....writing in a journal and blogging result in the release of dopamine to create positive effects similar to the effect running or listening to music produces.  Moral: Write a blog and give your brain a rush."

Who knew writing daily could be good for your blood pressure.  Guess what. Yep, mine has been down and more consistently too as well.   How about that!

My goal is to do the same for the month of July.  However, I almost blew it yesterday.  I started reading A Crown of Swords during breakfast because I was close to the end. Well at 85% according to Kindle.  So I continued reading until I finished around lunch time. Then had to do some laundry and 52 books post to write and then so on and so forth.  I did sit down to write later in the evening, but it didn't feel the same.

It's also week 27 in my 52 Books group quest to read 52 books and this month is Scifi July, plus the birthstone of the  month is Ruby.   

I'm continuing to experiment with poetry. I picked up two books:  Sage Cohen’s  Writing the Life Poetic and In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet’s Portable Workshop by Steve Kowit.  I'll be working through both this summer. Always good to learn something new.


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