A to Z Poetry: Eleanor


The King, the Queen
the happy Prince,
the fancy lady 
from the Ritz

Eleanor spoke to each
far out of reach,
mumbled and gabbled
She liked to kibitz 

They hadn't a clue
what she was about,
so they nodded their heads
and said I do.

Thank you so much 
She declared and gleefully clapped.
Then she danced a gig and a reel
as little toes tapped and fingers snapped.

Little did they know
what they agreed to that day 
as she quoted her favorite movie
in her own unique way.

She held them to their promise
on her wedding day 
as she had requested 
in her two year old style.

The king twirled her down the aisle,
the fancy lady lead the way,
The queen stood by her side 
As the prince gave her away.

~ R.Lee McCormack~

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