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Happy Father's day to all the dads today where ever you are.  Hubby is enjoying a very relaxing day and we'll be having roast beef with yorkshire pudding this evening. 

 Summer has unofficially arrived in the form of a heat way and we will be baking for the next few days.   Officially Summer starts on Wednesday and I'm so happy to have several weeks off in which to play. We're giving James a couple weeks off because we know he is going to get bored, then we'll start doing math and perhaps some physics or chemistry experiments.  We have several books to tackle that we just haven't had time to read together so he's trying to decided between  Winter is Coming by Garry Kasparov, Putinism by Walter Laqueur or even possibly an actual fiction book like Fahrenheit 451.  Yes, he's very much into politics and foreign affairs.  I'm waiting with bated breath to see which he chooses.   

Today is the start of week 25 in my 52 Books Quest and a group of us have decided to read War and Peace.  For me it will be a reread which is a good thing since I zoomed through it the first time.  I have a number of chunky books to read on my plate at the moment - Besides War and Peace, I also have Dean Koontz's Ashley Bell and Robert Jordan's A Crown of Time, the 7th book in Wheel of Time. I just finished the Steig Larsson's Millenium trillogy with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Now I'm contemplating whether I want to read David Lagercrantz continuation of Salander's saga in The Girl in the Spider's Web. The reviews are 50/50 so I'll have to decide for myself. 

We finally received approval from the planning commission on our plans for the new building.  Just waiting for the fire department to do their thing.  Yeah!  So ready to get started with construction.  Speaking of which my father's project on creating the Bull Head City food Bank and coordinating and combining all the churches to make it nondenominational is ready to go. The building will be dedicated and opened on Wednesday.   He's worked his fingers off so am very proud of him.   

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