Not resting on my laurels!

Courtesy of BBC: The Runaway Bride

What exactly does that mean, resting on your laurels?  It basically means glorifying what you've accomplished in the past and not try to further yourself.  I've written a lot of essays, flash fiction and little stories over the past couple years for classes and the temptation to pick one when I'm having an off day or busy day is hard to resist.  However, the point of this exercise, posting everyday is to work on my writing and I don't want to regurgitate or revise something just a little to do a quick post.   I did that a couple years back with most of the posts for an A to Z monthly writing challenge and it was most unsatisfying.   I didn't feel any sense of accomplishment.   So, I'm promising myself not to rest on my laurels.  

Today's goal:  clean up the bookshelves, box up all the 11th grade books, notebooks and papers and make room for the new.   There are always a few books or things that simply disappear through a black hole and no matter how hard I look, they can't be found.  I've been looking all over the house for months for the Artograph Light pad we'd gotten for James to help with his drawing. Something I liked to play with as well.  Just a side benefit of home school.  *grin*   It wasn't in the box nor in his room, my room or anywhere else I looked.  Guess what?  Yep, it was hiding between two large books on the bottom shelf all this time.  Sigh!   It's now in residence in my writing space to play with during the summer.   Yeah!   

James has turned me into a Whovian.  We've been watching the older seasons out of order, which means they sometimes don't make much sense to me.  One of these days he will get tired of me pausing the show to say "Wait, what happened when..."  :)     A few weeks ago  I wanted to know where Donna came into play so watched The Runaway Bride by myself.  Guess what he picked for us to watch today? Yep! 

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