Don't fence me in....

What are fences for?  What kind of fence do you have?  Aluminum, wood, iron or chain link?  Is it there to keep you in or others out? Do you keep your gate locked or trust that etiquette alone will keep others out? A boundary or a barrier.  Does your horse balk at the fence refusing to jump over or does it bound over effortlessly?  Does your dog dig under or jump over or sniff along the bottom, curious but cautious?  Forget the cat. We all know they'll slink through and under and over without any problem.  

What about your metaphysical fence? Do you let yourself get fenced in, stuck in the ruts surrounding the fence?  Have you created a gigantic moat to keep others out which in turn keeps you in?  Or is the fence something fun to climb, to jump over, to scale, to rise above and see what is on the other side? Do you like to experiment with your fences, mixing them up every once in a while, exchanging short for tall, lots of openings to the wood so close together, a gnat couldn't sneak through?

Do you go for the plain wood or like to beautify your boundary with elegance or artful messes?  I think its time to take a look at our fences to make sure we haven't gotten in a rut.

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