May Reading Wrap up

Right down to the wire.  I just finished the last book in my may birthstone bookology challenge and  managed to clear some dusty books of my shelves this month as well. I discovered 4 new to me authors, read an even amount of physical versus ebooks and continued to delve into my comfort genres  - paranormal and fantasy.  I traveled from 11th Century England to the 21st century imaginary town of  Bitter Bark, North Carolina and into 4 different fantasy worlds.  

E: Blood of the Earth - Faith Hunter (#1 Soulwood,  Paranormal, 384 e)  Nell is an earth mage, but has had to hid it so she wouldn't be accused of being a witch by the cult she escaped from.  Rick from Jane Yellowrock's world, brings PsyLed to her doorstep to help her discover her powers as well as save her from the cult that's hiding a secret. 

M: Mapmakers War - Ronlyn Dominguez (Utopian, 226) Intriguing utopian story written in the 2nd person point of view, written mainly in summary narrative and without quote marks around the dialogue which tends to make difficult to distinguish the character's conversation from the rest of the story. 

E: From the Corner of His Eye - Dean Koontz (paranormal suspense/thriller, 729)  A complex story that managed to weave a disparate group of people together from a blind boy named Bartholomew to a sociopath who is bound and determine to destroy him. Scary good!

R: Cold Reign - Faith Hunter (#11 Jane Yellowrock, paranormal 371) Non stop action in Jane Yellowrock's world as she fights to protect the vampires against revenant vamps.  

A: Aedyn Chronicles: Chosen One - Alister McGrath (YA fantasy, 208) A young adult fantasy story about two kids who fall through a garden pond into a dystopian world where they are expected to free slaves from evil lords.  

L: Lord of Chaos - Robert Jordan (#6 wheel of time, Fantasy, 1011)Continuing saga of Rand and company!

D: Fire Dance - Della Jacobs (historical romance, 344 e)  New to me author and set in England's middle ages.  Involves a wicked lord, a deadly purple cloak, a knight ordered by the king to kill the lord, seize the castle and marry the lord's daughter who seems to have disappeared.  

Blood Kissed - Keri Arthur (#1 Lizzie Grace, Paranormal, 310 e)

Sit, Stay, Beg - Roxanne St. Claire (#1 Dogfather, contemporary romance, 300 e)

New Leash on Life - Roxanne St. Claire (#2 Dogfather, contemporary romance, 316 e)

Storm Watcher - Lilith St. Crow (#2 Watchers, Urban Fantasy,184 e)

Fierce on the Page - Sage Cohen (nonfiction, writing, 229)

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