I'm still here plugging away!

I'm still here just haven't had a whole lot of time to post.  7th Grade is starting on August 22nd, two weeks earlier than we normally start and I don't even have the majority of the curriculum yet.  *facepalm*   Finally had meeting with our teacher counselor through visions who okayed choices, then headed out to homeschool store to select everything.  Had to wait until meeting since they are providing the funding.  I usually have everything already in hand by the beginning of August and plans done so feeling a bit stressed.  Will be picking up in a couple days. There are a few things not available through the store and it would take too long to wait for the school to do their ordering so went ahead and ordered directly. 

Printed off all the tables of contents of everything and have been working up lesson plans.  About half done but really, really, really need the books to complete plans.

 "A little whine with that cheese ma'am"

"Oh yes, thank you."

I read an absolutely awesome book last week. Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson.  Yes, she finally wrote a new story which references the O'Malley series quite a bit and I was fortunate enough to receive an Advance Reader Copy.   Will be writing up my review in the next week or so.   Have to say that once I finished it, felt like had just  finished a gourmet dinner with a fine Bordeaux wine and filet mignon and was so satisfied and full didn't want to read anything else.  Haven't picked up another fiction book yet.  

Heading back out to Arizona on Friday to visit my folks for a few days. Mom is doing much better which means Dad is doing a whole better as well.   Hoping once get all plans laid out, life will get back to normal or as normal as our life can be and I'll be able to catch up on review posts, visiting blogs and get back into editing my latest WIP.



  1. Absolutely GREAT news about your mom's progress and the lesser stress for your Dad!!

    I love it when you finish a read that is so satisfying that it stays with you a bit longer!!!

    I'm sure you will get everything you need in time for the lessons to begin on time..have a great start to the 7th grade year!

  2. Good luck with your first days of school. Hey, we're moms...we're allowed to whine from time to time. =O) Glad to hear your parents are doing well.

    You're probably too busy, but if you get a chance, my write-a-thon is going on this week (starting Monday) over at The Story Inside Me.

  3. Good news about your mom. And yikes on preparing for the school year. My brother and SIL were homeschooling but decided to stop at 6th grade. Their older son is in public school and the younger is in his last year at home.


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