Mid Week Check in: Sneezin and crittin

Sniff! Snort! Sneeze! Cough!  I've had my allergies under control for a very long time but this year, allergy season has hit and hit big time.  Have been feeling like I'm battling a long term cold for a while now, which of course has been messing with my productivity.  Know it's allergies though because the antihistamine works and the decongestants don't.   *sigh*

Brain fog has led me to coming online to write a blog post and end up instead reading celebrity gossip.  I'll admit it. I've become addicted to Daily Mail's showbiz and X17.  Let's just say it's research for my next wip.  *grin*.

Finishing up my critting class through Savvy Authors this week and have gleaned much about critiquing and how to be critiqued.  It's been quite a  learning experience.   Still editing Eyes in the Ashes and the plan is to finish the 2nd edit by the end of June.  It has been rather slow going but making progress and the story taking on more shape and learning more about my characters.  The critiques for the Kill Zone gang and critting class have been tremendously helpful. 

Reading wise, I discovered Devon Monk's Allie Beckstrom series and read all eight books in the series in the past couple weeks.  Now just have to wait until November for the final episode Magic for a Price to come out in November.  Meanwhile have plenty of other stories to keep me occupied.   Dared my 52 Books group to read  "The Great Gatsby" along with me, since this week highlighted literary style modernism.  Interestingly enough, Leonardo DiCaprio is starting in the movie version which will be coming out at the end of the year.

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. ~Winnie the Pooh


  1. Thanks for hosting!

    Re allergies - I had a running nose for 1.5 yrs and only stopped once I began using steroid inhaler. I'm fine now, as long as I use it daily - You're right though - it really does cloud the brain and hinder productivity.

    Best of luck on your editing and critiquing ventures. You really do pack it in. :) X

  2. This has to be one of the worst allergy seasons on record for me and my family. Hope yours settles down. Sounds like you ended up with a good week anyway.

  3. Robin, I feel for you. I have allergies year round, but they get worse at certain times. And we got another cat a few months ago and I haven't got used to her yet. She's a cuddler so I sometimes have to double up on the Zyrtec. I hope you get past the bad patch soon. =O)

    That's great about your crit class. I was like, "What's critting?", but thankfully you explained it in the next sentence. Guess I still have a lot to learn about the writing business. I'm glad to back among the ROWers again though.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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