WIP Row 80 Wednesday Update: Time is fleeting!

Clock walker courtesy of Profound Whatever
Have you ever noticed that as you get older time seems to pass so much more quickly.   I really don't know where the week went.  Between lessons, reading, work, reading, cats, reading, editing,  and reading.... Well I think we know what I've been doing with my time.  *grin*    Oh and Eureka and Glee are back.  Yeah!

I managed to revise chapter two of my current WIP and give a bit more life to my main male character.   I can see where this is going to be a slow process.  I finished reading James Scott Bell's Revision and Self Editing in the Write Great Fiction series.  And he himself says

"Learn always about the craft, but when you write, write like Fast Eddie Felson played pool in The Hustler, fast and loose.  When you revise, revise slow and cool."
I've decided not to rush the process and do my best.  Going to give myself a few days, then start the next book in the series:  Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint by Nancy Kress. I like how they are all written in the same format which makes seem to all mesh together.   For the next week, will be working on Chapter 3 and rewriting it from MMC point of view. 

I discovered a new to me author this past week - Jennifer Estep who writes urban fantasy.  I've fallen in like with her Elemental Assassin series, devoured the first four books and just started #5 Spider's Revenge.  I really need to start analyzing what it is that draws my attention to these stories. Besides the writing that is.  As soon as I'm done reading # 5, I'll be diving into Nora Robert's latest book The Witness which just arrived today.  She, of course, is on my master list of authors to study - she is a writing diva.  I'm working my way slowly, very slowly, through The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky for my April Read a Russian Author Month. 

I'm persevering with the treadmill. Although I discovered something interesting.  I broke down last Saturday and bought a dozen bakery cookies which are huge. They have been affecting my stamina - don't know if it is the added sodium or the sugar but it's been more a struggle to get make it through my 1 hour workouts. Cross my heart and all the jazz, I won't be buying any more.  That and corn makes my nose stuff up.  Can't blame on the spring weather which I am so happy has arrived so I can sit out on the patio in the mornings and write. Have you ever noticed your productivity goes up in the spring? 

Social media - big fail this week.  Promise to make my rounds and drop by soon! 

So how are my fellow rowers fairing?  Making progress or revising your goals?


  1. Congrats on your progress! I have Bell's Plot and Structure book to read as soon as school and work let up here, then hopefully after that I can get to a few more in my stack! And yeah, spring is a time I always tend to get a bit more done--maybe it's the longer days? Have a great week and good luck with your revising!

  2. Sounds like you're being very productive this week (even if it's in between Eureka and Glee episodes LOL)!

    I love that quote from Bell. I've found that to be my best approach, and it's nice to know that other people work the same way.

    Good luck with everything this week, especially warding off those evil cookies!!

  3. Love that quote! Cookies and chocolate affect my stamina as well. I know for me it is the sugar but still a treat once in a while should be okay. Hopefully spring continues to inspire you.


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