Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Row 80 Wednesday update

This week has been a big fail for me as far as blogging and editing are concerned.  The taxes took up quite a bit more time than expected.  Especially when discovered to my dismay that all the nifty tax credits we received for 2010 went away for 2011, which resulted in us underestimating our business estimated taxes.  At first thought I had done something wrong and went over it several times.  Nope.  Then hubby looked it over and went through his usual grumbling about the government.  Now its time to just pay them and move on. The joy and the ups and downs of owning a small business.  Honestly wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.  

I did get my test mile figured out and have been writing 250 words each morning. Sort of like morning pages, whatever comes to mind about my current story or just letting a mini story flow out. Now that's been interesting.  Despite the fact I didn't get much editing done, have been thinking about the story. I wasted spent some time making a new cover for Eyes in the Ashes.  Considered changing the title too, but decided to stay with it for now.  It's probably the least of my worries.

I need to move the timeline up, introducing my hero to the heroine and  having them discover Layla is missing,  sooner rather than later.  Have been contemplating their back story and flaws.  I figured out my hero's flaw.  Don't have any idea about my heroine - stumped at the moment. I'm sure my muse will reveal it to me soon.  Should probably follow Stephen King's writing advice and let the "boys in the basement" or should that be girls *grin* work on it.

I'm still reading James Scott Bell's Self Editing and Revision and taking copious notes.  He mentions F. Scott Fitzgerald who said there are two kinds of writers - taker outers and putter inners.   Discovered I'm more of a putter inner and to be honest I'm much rather be a taker outer.  Eyes in the Ashes is much too lean and I'm having a fight with my right and left brain at the moment.  

I've been reading a lot about editing, everything can get my hands on and I'm reminded of when we decided to homeschool.   I spent a lot of time, a lot of it, researching, then buying curriculum, setting up lessons plans and planning out our schedule. Came up with some pretty nifty calendars.  Anyway, found myself more involved in the planning stage and not so much the implementation stage.  Once I realized that and dove in, everything worked out great.  Feel like I'm in that stage again with learning about editing.   Reading, studying, planning, yet not a whole heck of a lot of implementation.  It just came to me a couple days ago.  *blush* 

However, Bell's book made me feel a bit better when I was reading about his philosophy of editing and he has quite a few helpful suggestions including taking the "long view" and I love the advice he received from a friend when he was in college about becoming a writer. 

   "Guard your characters. If you've got nothing in you, you've got nothing to give. Be prepared for an apprenticeship of years." 

 An apprenticeship of years. I like that.  My goal for the rest of the week is to edit 5 pages a day so I have something ready for the critique class starting Monday at savvy authors.  Business wise I know how to review and revise a business letter or paper or tell someone else how to rewrite theirs.  Writing wise, need to learn how to provide feedback without sounding like I'm telling them what to do. 

How is everyone else doing this week: floundering or going strong.