Sunday Salon: Disaster, complications, clues

Studying the craft:  Happy Sunday.  I'm still brain deep into analyzing Blue Steel and figuring out the scene structure.  I was having trouble with it since I hadn't finished typing up the story.  Managed to type up 20 pages yesterday and have 20 more to go.   It helped me remember parts of the story I had forgotten which helped with figuring out the scene structure.  Dominoes.   The workshop is more casual than expected and if you don't have the lessons completed by the end of the month, you can continue in the yahoo group loop. I'd rather push myself, stay on track and with the group.  I work better with structure and deadlines.  

Reading about craft:  I'm in the middle of chapter 3 sentence in Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose.  Between her and the 18 scene structure breakdown with Deep Story, I'm learning how to see stories in a whole new light.

See how everyone else is doing here and give them some encouragement

Exercise: Thanks to ChangeWriteNow and my teammates, I did the treadmill every day except Thursday.  I also cut out eating any snacks after dinner and if I get hungry, have a cup of hot tea.  

Networking:   Unfortunately was pretty much a fail and need to work on visiting at least 5 ROW bloggers a day.  I'm also the host of 52 books challenge and managed to visit all when signed up. I need to work on visiting those who post links to their book reviews so will set a goal of 3 per day. 

The Sunday

Pleasure Reading:  I finished reading Dean Koontz "By the Light of the Moon."  First time author read and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It wasn't spooky gory. It was spooky, chilling, psychological paranormalish suspense story.  Look forward to reading more of his stories.   Also finished "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by John Berendt. Didn't realize it was nonfiction until midway through. Was so annoyed the narrator didn't introduce himself at all and described in great detail all these weird colorful characters. I kept wondering where's the plot. Note to self - read the back cover more carefully. 

Started a readalong today of "Ahab's Wife" by Sena Jeter Naslund with participants of Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks.  I began reading it Saturday afternoon. The first couple  pages were a bit tough for me to get, but once got into the story, it really grabbed me.  Jump in and join us. There are 167 chapters averaging 4 pages each for a total of 667 pages. You can read at your own pace and when we come up for air on Saturday January 21, we'll see where we all stand and take it from there.  Or read 48 pages a day which will have you finishing in two weeks.

I'm also reading a review book "The Silent Oligarch" by Christopher Morgan Jones which is being released on the 19th. Not sure how I like it yet but reviewing for TLC book tours on Friday, January 20th so will give it a chance.

Off to plan lessons, do laundry and try and finish typing up those last 20 pages.  Oh and do the treadmill for one hour.  :)


  1. You seem to be doing well on goals. Do you write by hand then type it up later?

    I read that Dean Koontz book, too. I've read lots of his books. I really like him a lot.

    Good luck this week!

  2. you've done well reading and writing - liked the ape - really into apes - Im to cold to attempt his proper name (cold makes my dyspraxia worse)bear with - not having heating last few days I've manged to get ahead on my reading for my challenges (cosy log fires - great incentive)
    keep smiling

  3. How do you fit everything in??? wow!! I work better with a schedule too!! Have a great week!

  4. Oh yeah, I do much better with structure and deadlines too. Otherwise I can put it off fooooorrrrevvvveeeeerrrrr. Look at you go -- exercise and everything!


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