ROW80 First quarter goals

A new year and another round of A Round of Words in 80 Days hosted by Kait Nolan begins today. The first round runs from today through March 22nd.  I already established my goals for the year, now just need to break them down in easy, manageable gulps.   One thing I've done is purchased my own name domain name (does that make sense?) and instead of moving everything lock, stock and barrel over there, I may just set it up as my writing site.  So I'll be playing around with the idea, the design and what not and see how it goes. 

Studying the Craft: I finished my first draft of the 2011 Nano story at the end of December so ready to start editing.  I'm great at editing correspondence and business documents but not so great with WIPs.  I started looking at the classes offered by Savvy Authors and signed up for two which hopefully will give me the guidance I need.  For January I'm taking "What Does Nora Robert Know That You Don't?"  which is all about story structure, plotting, and characterization.  In February I'll be taking "Editing The Heck Out Of Things: Intensive 4-Week Polishing, Rewriting, Deleting, And Generally Improving The Draft For Submission" So starting off the year running. 

Reading about Craft:  I have a few books I plan on reading this year and going to start with Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose and Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell.

Writing:  I'm going to shoot for writing 1000 words a day which include journaling, story ideas and bits and pieces of the story that keep popping into my head to finish.  This week will be my test mile to see if I can maintain that or need to back it down a bit.  Plus I need to type up the remaining pages of the first draft

Exercise:  I joined Change Write Now which is based off the book The Game On (which I downloaded and reading this week too.  I  am committing to at least 20 minutes per day of exercise.  The plan is to do the treadmill 1 hour every day except Monday and Thursday.  I still have to figure out the plan for those days which are my work days - maybe wii fit or yoga.  

Networking:  Visit 5 ROWer's every day and comment on their posts. 

Pleasure Reading: My first book of the year is The Rose Labryinth by Titania Hardie.  And reading aloud with my son The Dreamer, The Schemer and the Robe by Jenny Cote. 

All this and home school lessons too and committing to staying off the internet until 4:00 p.m. every day until lessons are done.

Check out what the other rowers are doing this row. We have lots of newbies. Brand new year and lots of shiny ideas. 


  1. Yay Robin! Good luck with your goals. :)
    Thanks for the links!

    I added some fitness goals to my Round as well.

    I have a great feeling about this round of ROW80..


  2. Good luck with the goals! Adding that exercise component is a great idea; might have to work something similar into my own goals.

  3. happy new year -I liked the link to changewritenow - have asked to join I need help to keep on straight and narrow - thanks for that link - all the best with your goals this round

  4. I like your goals, and how personal they seem. I spend my days with my son and daughter, living our unfettered unschooling adventure.

    No lessons, here, but much, much activity and learning......

    I look forward to reading your of my goals is to finish my NaNo novel, which was set aside in December due to the need to address several matters with a local school superintendent who doesn't seem to understand the state homeschooling laws.....

    I didn't add any exercise goals, but that challenge looks exciting!

  5. Ooooo, Change Write Now seems like a cool challenge, I'll check it out!
    1000 words a day is quite a lot and achievable too!
    Good luck!

  6. Your plate looks full...and very delicious--all of it. And, though I think I'll elect for the half-sized lunch for myself, I am looking on with admiration and curiosity. What will those classes end up tasting like. Are the writing books as satisfying as _Bird_By_Bird_ and _Steering_the_Craft_? Should I add another side dish of 'challenge' by signing up for Change Write Now, or would that be too much?

    Either way, looks good. Hope you enjoy it and that we all get what we like and wanted. =)

  7. Nice goals, Robin. Thanks for choosing me as one of your five Rowers to visit. Good luck and happy writing!

  8. What a great start to the year! And thank you for mentioning The Rose Labyrinth. That sounds fabulous--I've just added it to my wish list. I am intending to read more fiction this year, and that's definitely going to be one of the books I choose.

  9. Your goals are admirable. I'd like to hear more about "Change Write Now." I've always written non fiction. Working on my first fiction project. Excited!

  10. Happy New Year, Robin! Thanks for making me one of your 5 stops this week. :)

    Love your goal to stay offline until after school. We also homeschool and I've had to learn to do the same or else we'd never, ever, finish math. (Who cares about a slope-intercept form when there are blogs to read?) :)

    Reading Like a Writer is an excellent book. Hope you enjoy it.

    By the way, where did you get the ROW80 icon with the books? Very attractive.

  11. Excellent goals...I think you can stay off the internet until 4....good luck!

  12. So you're doing Change Write Now too! What's your team name? Ours is New Year, New Story. I haven't got off to a great start, but I am back on my eating plan that helped me lose almost 40 lbs. last year. So, at least there's that!

    You have some good goals set up. I think I may have bit of more than I can chew, as usual. But I need to stay accountable. I posted my goals on today's check-in.

    Happy reading and writing!

  13. It never ceases to amaze me what others find. For instance, "Change Write Now". Never heard of it but it sounds intriguing! Best of luck with your goals :)

  14. The Rose Labryinth intro was grabbing! I may have to load it to my Kindle. What a great idea to post the opening of a book.

    Great job finishing up your NaNo novel! We will be in edits at the same time - oy! I began yesterday and edited the first 20 pages. Ha! Only 180 or so to go, right...

    Keep me updated - I've still got an ending to craft. I have to re-read while I edit to pick up the 'right' feel for the conclusion. I've been wavering between two widely differing options, and it's driving me to distraction.


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