2011 Reads

2011 Reads 

First Book in Series or Stand Alone

New to Me Authors

Alicia Dean - Heart of the Witch
Ann Patchett - State of Wonder
Anne Bronte - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Anne Marsh - Bond with Me (ebook)
Ben Kane - The Silver Eagle
Bill Cameron - County Line (ebook)
Bram Stoker - Dracula
C.J. Darlington - Thicker than Blood (ebook)
C.J. Lyons - Warning Signs - (e-book)
Cara Black - Murder in the Marais
Claire Farrell - Verity (cursed 1) - (ebook)
Claudia - LeFeve The Fury (short story) - (ebook)
Danielle Trussoni - Angelology
Devon Monk - Magic to the Bone (Allie Beckstrom series) - (ebook)
Eleanor Brown - The Weird Sisters
Elle Newmark - The Sandlewood Tree
Gail Carriger - Soulless
J.D. Rhoades - Safe and Sound
J.T. Ellison - The Immortals
Jody Hedlund - The Preacher's Bride
John Gilstrap - Hostage Zero
John Lutz - Mister X
Karen Harrington - Janeology
Kelley Armstrong - Waking the Witch
Kenneth Wishnia - The Fifth Servant
Kristen Hannah - Night Road
Lauralynn Elliott - A Rocky Path (ebook)
Libby Fischer Hellmann - An Eye for Murder (e-book)
Lilith Saintcrow - Night Shift (Jill Kismet Series #1) - (e-book)
Lisa Unger - Beautiful Lies
Lynne Truss - Eats, Shoots and Leaves (nf)
Mark Twain - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Mary Daughtridge - Sealed with a Kiss - (ebook)
Michael Romkey - Vampire's Violin
Nicole Young - Love Me If You Must
Patrick Taylor - An Irish Country Doctor
Qui Xiaolong - Death of the Red Heroine
Raeanne Thayne- Light the Stars
Rebecca Branstetter - The Teachable Moment - (nf - ebook)
Richard Castle - Heatwave
S.J. Watson - Before I Go To Sleep
Sasscer Hill - Full Mortality (dnf)
Simon Van Booy - Everything Beautiful Began After
Susan Bischoff - Hush Money - (ebook)
Tana French - In The Woods
Tess Newman - Anno Dracula
Tess Oliver - Camille (ebook)
The Memory Collector - Meg Gardner
Traci L. Slatton - The Botticelli Affair
Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture

Known Author

Brandilyn Collins - Always Watching (ebook)
Daniel Palmer - Delirious
Diana Pharaoh Francis - Crimson Wind
Diana Rowland - Secrets of the Demon#3 (Kara Gillian Series)
Gary Chapman - The Five Love Languages - (nf)
Erin Kellison - Shadow Touch (short story) (ebook)
George Bernard Shaw - An Unsocial Socialist
Iain Pears - An Instance of the Fingerpost
Julie Lessman - A Heart Revealed
James Rollins - Altar of Eden (ebook)
Karen Rose - You Belong to Me
Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina
Keri Arthur - Mercy Burns (Myth and Magic #2)
Mercedes Lackey - Intrigues
Miriam Zimmer Bradley - The Forest House
Patricia Briggs - River Marked
Rebecca York - Shadow of the Moon
Rachel Vincent - Blood Bound
Sue Grafton - L is for Lawless - (ebook)
Ted Dekker - Green
Yann Martell - Beatrice and Virgil

Series or more than one book by author

Hush - Cherry Adair
Riptide - Cherry Adair
Undertow - Cherry Adair (e-book)

Kiss of Heaven (midnight breed series) - Lara Adrian (ebook) (new to me author)
Kiss of Midnight #1 (Midnight Breed Series) (ebook)
Kiss of Crimson #2 (ebook)
Midnight Awakening #3 (Ebook)
Midnight Rising #4 (ebook)
Veil of Midnight #5 (ebook)
Ashes of Midnight #6 (ebook)
Shades of Midnight # 7 (ebook)
Taken by Midnight # 8 (ebook)
Deeper Than Midnight #9 (ebook)

Cinders - Michelle Davidson Argyle (new to me author)
Monarch - Michelle Davidson Argyle

Wild Man Creek (Virgin River Series # 12) - Robyn Carr
Harvest Moon (Virgin River Series)
Bring Me Home for Christmas (Virgin River Series)
Just over the Mountain (Grace Valley series) (ebook)
Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley series) (ebook)
Down by the River (Grace Valley series) (ebook)

61 Hours (Jack Reacher)- Lee Child (New to me author)
Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher)

Giving Chase #1 - Lauren Dane (ebook) (new to me author)
Taking Chase #2 (ebook)
Chased - #3 (ebook)
Making Chase #4 (ebook)

Ruthless Games (Ghostwalkers) - Christine Feehan (new to me author)
Shadow Game (Ghostwalkers #1) (ebook)
Mind Game (Ghostwalkers #2)(e-book)
Night Game (Ghostwalkers #3) (ebook)
Conspiracy Game (Ghostwalkers #4) (ebook)
Deadly Game (Ghostwalkers # 5) (Ebook)
Predatory Game (Ghostwalkers # 6) (ebook)
Murder Game (Ghostwalkers # 7) (ebook)
Street Game (Ghostwalkers # 8)
Wild Rain (Leopard Series #2) (e-book)
Savage Nature (Leopard Series #5)
Dark Prince (Dark Series #1)(ebook)
Dark Desire (Dark #2) (ebook)
Dark Gold (Dark # 3) (ebook)
Dark Magic (Dark # 4) (ebook)

Back in Black - Lori Foster (ebook)
When You Dare #1
Trace of Fever #2
Savor the Danger #3

Out of Time - Alton Gansky
The Incumbent (e-book)

With No Remorse - Cindy Gerard (ebook)
Seal of My Dreams anthology – Cindy Gerard, et all (ebook)

Guilty Pleasures (#1 Anita Blake Vampire) - Laurell K. Hamilton (e-book)(new to me author)
The Laughing Corpse #2 (e-book)
Circus of the Damned #3 (e-book)
The Lunatic Cafe #4 (e-book)
Bloody Bones #5 (e-book)
The Killing Dance # 6 (e-book)
Burnt Offerings #7 (e-book)
Blue Moon #8 (e-book)
Obsidian Butterfly #9 (e-book)
Narcissus in Chains # 10 (e-book)
Cerulean Sins # 11 (e-book)
Incubus Dreams #12 (e-book)
Micah# 13 (novella) (e-book)
Danse Macbre #14(e-book)
The Harlequin #15 (e-book)
Blood Noir #16 (e-book)
Skin Trade #17 (e-book)
Flirt #18 (novella) (e-book)
Bullett #19(e-book)
Hit List #20 (e-book)
A Kiss of Shadows (#1 Merry Gentry Series) (e-book)
A Caress of Twilight #2 (e-book)
Seduced by Moonlight #3 (e-book)
A Stroke of Midnight #4 (e-book)
Mistral's Kiss #5 (e-book)
A Lick of Frost #6 (e-book)
Swallowing Darkness # 7 (e-book)
Divine Misdemeanors #8 (e-book)

The Best Gift (#1 Sisters and Brides) - Irene Hannon(ebook)
Gift From The Heart (#2 Sisters and Brides)(ebook)
The Unexpected Gift (#3 Sisters and Brides)(ebook)
Fatal Judgment

Unclean Spirits (Black Son's Daughter # 1 M.L. N. Hanover (e-book) (new to me author)
Darker Angels (b.s.d. #2) (e-book)
Vicious Grace (b.s.d. #3) (ebook)

Changeling Moon - Dani Harper (new to me author)
Changeling Dream

Styx's Storm (breed series) - Lora Leigh
Navarro's Promise - Lora Leigh
Live Wire (ebook)

Tiger Eye (Dirk and Steele series #1) Marjorie M Lui (new to me author)
Shadow Touch (Dirk and Steele Series #2)
Red Heart of Jade - (Dirk and Steele #3)
Eye of Heaven (Dirk and Steele Series # 5) (ebook
The Last Twilight (Dirk and Steele series #7 (e-book)
The Wild Road (Dirk and Steele #8)(ebook)
In the Dark of Dreams (Dirk and Steele) (ebook)
Within the Flames (Dirk and Steele) (ebook)
The Mortal Bone (Hunter Kiss #4) (ebook)

Angels Everywhere tale 1 A Season of Angels - Debbie Macomber (ebook)
Angels Everywhere tale 2 Touched by Angels (ebook

Devil's Eye - Kait Nolan (e-book) (new to me author)
Forsaken by Shadow

Kiss the Moon - Carla Neggers
The Whisper (E-Book)
The Mist

Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts
The Next Always
Treachery in Death - J.D. Robb
New York to Dallas (In Death #33)

Quicksilver - Amanda Quick (e-book)
The Perfect Poison (arcane series) - Amanda Quick (ebook)
Midnight Crystal (Arcane Society) - Jayne Castle (ebook)

Angel's Blood (Guild hunter #1) - Nalini Singh (ebook) (new to me author)
Archangel's Kiss (GH#2) (ebook)
Archangel's Consort (GH3)(ebook)
Archangel's Blade (GH4) (ebook)

Almost Home - Mariah Stewart
Hometown Girl

Face of Danger -Roxanne St. Claire (e-book)
Shiver of Fear (e-book)

Crave (fallen angels series #2) - J.R. Ward (e-book)
Dark Lover (Dark Lover series #1)- J.R. Ward

A Man Called Outlaw - K.M. Weiland (new to me author)
Outlining Your Novel - K.M. Weiland (non fiction)

An Obrien Family Christmas - Sherryl Woods (ebook)
Beach Lane
Tea and Destiny

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