6th Grade

6th grade officially started for James last week and we are easing back in to a full schedule slowly.  I think we've come up with a good mix this year.  Last year we tried a few new things which completely bombed and ended up going back to the tried and true mid year.  I just realized I never posted a wrap up of 5th grade.

The Plan:

Voyages in English
Spelling Workout F

For 5th grade switched to Learning Language Arts through Literature for Language arts and it was way too casual.  James needs a lot more structure and so do I.  We switched back to Voyages in English and Spelling Workout mid year.  Going to continue with the 5th grade book for VIE  since the only difference between it and 6th grade is exposure versus mastery. Starting Level F for Spelling Workout

Outlining, Note Taking and Report Writing
Horizons Penmanship
Writing wise, will be learning how to Outline and write reports.  Plus will continue practicing cursive with Horizons Penmanship writing out and learning several presidents inaugural speeches. 

James loves to create and write stories both longhand and for his blog which is fun for him, so take care not to criticize and only give feedback.  We will be working on the tools and  mechanics of writing with Wordsmith Apprentice in which he will be a writer for a pretend newspaper

Father is responsible for teaching science but needs a bit of handholding. I plan it out, he teaches it.  Casual living history and science books just don't feed James mind enough and I don't have time to write up a full plan.  Found a great secular earth science program through Saxon Homeschooling which provides lesson plans and worksheets.   Yeah!

Great comprehensive study of California including making a history notebook. We started 2/3rds of the way through last year and going to finish it this year.

Math is James most difficult subject but he is getting it now.  We'll be working to get him caught up to grade level hopefully by the end of this year. 

Father and James made it halfway through the book and finished all the composers. The second half of the book covers all instruments. I also have planned keyboard lessons this year. I'll need to teach myself first. a refresher from when I took lessons in 5th grade eons again.

Love, love, love this art course Drawing Basics by Thomas Kinkade.  We completed one unit so far and James is picking up a lot of pointers and using them in his drawings. 

Besides the above, we'll be reading, reading, reading and working on character and social skills.  Plus more physical education and field trips.  Leaving room for side trips and what ever crops up that sparks James interest. 


  1. Good luck on the new school year. :)
    We're (by which I mean my homeschooling twins) are in 5th.

  2. I'm always blown away by your lesson plans...sounds like a great 6th grade year to enjoy!

  3. Homeschooling is such hard work. I really admire how organized you are.


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