ROW80 round 3 / 1st check in

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Yes, it's only been a couple days since the round started.  I've been good.  As soon as breakfast is over, I'm retreating to the patio to write first my morning pages, then work on WIP.   I'm currently putting my main character in jeopardy.  Nothing like a bit in intensity to get the story moving.   The things we put our characters through.   I also discovered a quick way to get unstuck.   I found some great character interview questions on querytracker quite a while ago.   I just go back and ask one of my main characters a question or two.    It's amusing the responses I get depending on the mood of the story.   Raised eyebrows, scoffs, pointed looks.  What questions have you asked your characters lately?


  1. Unfortunately, most of my characters don't wait to be questioned. Instead, they run around refusing to do what I tell them, questioning my judgement and forcing me to rewrite my last paragraphs. :P

  2. So you do stuff before you write morning pages? Like breakfast, etc? I thought you were basically supposed to roll over onto your pen and notepad as soon as your eyes opened in the morning. That's partly why I struggle with them

  3. Keep up the routine of writing after breakfast!!!


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