We're off for a week to see my parents.  Haven't seen them in eons.  So happy!  No posts while we are gone but will be browsing the interwebz from time to time.  We taking only one computer (mine) so will be sharing and I reckon the boys will be hogging it.  Prayers and wishes for a stress free trip would be appreciated,  as well as fingers crossed we manage to avoid the infamous airport security hand groping.  *grin*

Don't have too much fun without me.   If you get bored, see those folks in the side bar.  Pay them a visit or two or three.


  1. I will certainly pray for a stress free trip!! Enjoy your time with family!

  2. I hope you have an amazing time on your trip, and get lots of visiting and relaxing done!

  3. Just got back from visiting MY folks on their farm this past weekend and had a great time being out of the city. I'll think stress free thoughts for you. ^-^


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