TLC Book Tour: Almost Home by Mariah Stewart

Almost Home


Mariah Stewart

Synopsis:  "When she was young, Steffie Wyler always knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life: 1. Make ice cream. 2. Marry the coolest boy in town. 3. Live happily ever after. These days, Steffie is the proud owner of One Scoop or Two, a wildly popular ice cream parlor. But the cool guy left town right after high school, before they could scratch the surface of their mutual attraction to see what, if anything, lay beneath. Steffie’s made a great life for herself in St. Dennis, but true love has never come knocking.

Wade MacGregor left for college in Texas and remained there to start a successful business with his best friend, Robin Kennedy, but he’s always felt something was missing. Then life throws him a curveball: A third partner has robbed the company blind, and Robin has died—but not before entrusting Wade with a precious secret. Now back in St. Dennis, Wade’s determined to do whatever it takes to protect his friend’s legacy—and to figure out, once and for all, if the sparks that fly whenever he’s with Steffie are just temporary fireworks or the lights in the window leading him home."

"Almost Home" is the third book in The Chesapeake Diaries series by Mariah Stewart.  I love the fictional little town of St. Dennis, Maryland in Chesapeake Bay and the characters that reside there.  The series takes us back to the cozy little town from her murder mystery Last Words. (excellent story, part of the Lost series, and well worth reading as well.) 

Steffie has made a cozy little life for herself, running her ice cream shop and designing fabulous new flavors.  The only thing missing is the guy.  She's been attracted to Wade forever, but he left and moved to Texas. When he visits for Vanessa's wedding, the spark fly, but he leaves just as quickly as he appears leaving Steffie humiliated.  You can imagine her shock when months later he shows up at her shop with his two year old son in tow and has decided to move back into town.  As always, thrown in with the romance, there's a bit of mystery and a bad guy involved, leading to more than a little bit of excitement. 

Almost Home can be read as a Stand Alone, however, you'll want to more once you've read it.  Be sure to check out the first two books in the series:  Coming Home and Home Again. And good news, there is a fourth book coming out on July 26, 2011 called Home Town Girl which is Brooke and Jessie's story.    I'm so excited.  To read excerpts and find out more about all Mariah Stewart's books check out her website.

Thank you to Lisa of TLC Tours, Ballatine Books for providing me with courtesy copies of the books and Mariah Stewart for her wonderful writing.   Check out the rest of the tour here.


  1. Sometimes a girl needs a little romance in her books, so this sounds like one that I need to read. I will take your advice and start from the beginning though!

  2. Zibilee - good, I think you will enjoy them.

  3. I love that these books are set on the Chesapeake ... I live right near it and it is a gorgeous bay.

    Thanks for being on the tour Robin!


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