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What blogging has done for me

Blogs, twitter, facebook, commenting, meme's, giveaways, authors, writers, books, ebooks, audiobooks, publishers, life, love and laughter, connections and relationships.   Who knew four years ago when I started blogging, I would discover a world wide web of people. People like me who love life and books and talking about books, writing books, reading books. 

Thanks to the blogosphere, over the years I have connected with a number of people including readers, writers and published authors - a supportive community of people whom I'm proud to have as friends. A disparate, diverse group that I probably wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise.    As an introvert, I have a tendency to go about life with blinders on, afraid to be nosy, get in other people's business.  My husband and son have absolutely no problem starting up a conversation with anyone they see.  Blogging has given me the freedom to do that.  To browse blogs, talk to complete strangers about anything,  drop in on conversations on twitter, join in group activities without feeling uncomfortable, or out of place.  The thing I like most about the book blogging community is that know matter who you are, you are welcomed with open arms.

One thing I think is important when visiting blogs is remembering that I am basically dropping in on someone's virtual home.  If I dropped by my neighbor's house, I'm not going to walk in, make myself comfy on their couch and not say a word to them.  I'm going to strike up a conversation, of course.   In that vein, I always try to leave a comment when I visit anyone's blog.  Now granted I follow a lot of blogs and google reader is a blessings, because I can browse everyone's posts from the comfort of my anonymous couch.  

"Do or do not. There is no try."

But, if you are anything like me, I love comments.  I will drop in and comment as often as possible, especially when you've written a post that sparks with me.  I'm not perfect, however and that doesn't mean I haven't been guilty of lurking on blogs, dropping in and then getting distracted and forgetting to leave a comment.   So my one tip for bloggers is - when you visit a blog, leave a comment and give them some bloggy love.   It'll make the bloggee feel good and not sit there wondering why you didn't like their post.  

Speaking of posts, there are dozens and dozens of posts just waiting for your perusal at ARMCHAIR BEA Central so I won't bend your ear any longer.    Many, many old bloggers and new bloggers whom I haven't met yet.  It'll probably take me the next couple months before I get to them all.   

Thank you for dropping by and see you around the blogosphere!


  1. This community is a great bunch of book lovers! I've comitted to do better on leaving a comment when I visit blogs!

    LOL My word for verification is lukar!!

  2. I love comments too. I definitely am not as good as I should be about commenting back. I got out of the habit for awhile and I'm trying to get back into it.

  3. I'm with you, I love comments! I try and make an effort to leave comments whenever I have a chance, but I'm definitely guilty of lurking and reading and then not commenting sometimes.

  4. I love comments too...the only time that I don't is when I see someone using copy/paste on a meme...that to me smacks of rudeness!!

  5. We all get busy and start to hold back on leaving comments. What we have to remember is that most bloggers are just as busy as we are. I learned something important from a fellow A. BEA participant. If you don't have time to leave a lengthy comment at least take the time to let them know you stopped by. This community is definitely worth sustaining and the only way to do that, truthfully, is to interact on each other's blogs...faithfully.

    Great post, Robin!

  6. @Nise - good for you. I get a laugh out of word verification with the words it comes up with.

    @Alison - Good idea. Must make it a habit.

    @Meghan - It's so hard some days which is why I'm trying to slow down so can leave a comment rather than do a fly by

    @Staci - cut and paste -really! Wow, that is rude.

    @That is a good idea. We all need support. Thanks.

  7. I really am trying to get better about comments, because I know how much they mean to me. Hopefully you'll be hearing from me more often.

  8. @Laura - Thanks. Good to hear from you.


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