Sunday Salon: What does writing, reading, lent and Row80 have in common?

What does writing, reading, lent and row80 have in common?  Me, frustration, desire, sacrifice, and persistence.   I tried to institute a buying ban at the beginning of the year and did quite well for all of a month or so. That all feel apart in the past couple weeks.  Thursday, I went over to the Catholic book store to look around for reading material for Lent and didn't find exactly what I wanted. However, I did find Willa Cather's "Death comes for the Archbishop" and Ted Dekker "Elyon"  

I had gone in to look for a book by Thomas Merton.  I had read "Seven Storey Mountain" last year and enjoyed it.     However, the gal who worked there informed me that in his later years, he delved too far into eastern mysticism. As a result Catholic bookstores don't carry his later works because they don't want people to lead in the wrong direction. I'm pretty sure they were probably talking about these books:  The Way of Chuang Tzu and Mystics and Zen Masters which actually look pretty interesting to me.  

Turns out I didn't have to look farther than my own bookshelves.  I did a bit of cleaning in the bedroom, straightening out the shelves and found these gems just waiting to be read:  Pope Benedict's The Apostles and 12 Extraordinary Woman by John Macarthur.  Also James and I will be reading "Little Pilgrim's Progress" adapted by Helen Taylor for kids and doing Kay Arthur's bible study "God What's Your Name?

I also came up with an idea given to me by the Artist's Way. In week 4 which I mentioned last week,  Cameron called for a week of reading deprivation. I'll take it one step further and utilize it during lent and have an totally unplugged day, once a week - no technology, no reading.  Friday's will be my totally unplugged days.  We will continue to unplug until 4:00 during the week days. 

Did I take a week off from reading last week?   Nope.  I completely stalled and the airplane crashed.  As a result I stepped away from the book and didn't touch it again until yesterday.  I binged just like a person who decided they have to go on a diet and then suddenly is constantly hungry.  Plus I kept telling myself, had to figure out what we were going to do for lent.  I also missed a couple days of writing.  It just threw me for a loop.

I'll be the first person to admit I'm addicted to reading.  If I don't read I get very cranky.  I worked it out in the morning pages and since I made commitment to do the Artist Way,  decided to do it.   Started yesterday and will refrain from reading, except emails, business and home school related stuff until Friday.  You are allowed to continue reading Artist's way and complete the tasks so will be working on those. Today is a gimme just like Sundays aren't included in the lent weeks.

The Sunday Salon.comDon't forget to check out week 10 in Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks. This week's theme I is for Ireland.   Also Carrie of Books and Movies is hosting a read along of "Faithful Place" by Tana French this month. 

I'm making progress on Red Thief and came to an extremely emotional part. Which is why I ended up taking off a couple days. I didn't want to deal with  explaining to my hubby or son why I was crying, so I had to wait until I had some alone time.  Once I did sit down to write the scene, my eyes were tearing up and my nose was running, but I got through it. 

My goals for this week are:

1) continue Morning pages
2) Refrain from reading for the week 
3) Write 500 words a day 
4) Complete week 4 tasks in Artists Way
5) Decide on J theme for 52 Books Blog

Check out the other Row80 rowers here and see who is still hanging in there and how they are doing this fine Sunday.


  1. I may take a page from your book and start unplugging once a week. I know I really need to start building more structure into my days, as I feel like I'm floundering around in chaos. I didn't do any ROW80 check-ins last week, but am hoping to do one tonight. Have a great week!

  2. The thought of "unplugging" for any reason at all leaves me with a host of anxious feelings. Which tells me that I am truly addicted! Sigh.

    I don't know that I can do that. But I am trying to mix up my Internet, my reading, and my writing, so it all gets done.

    Now I have to work the gym in there, too.


  3. I read a book by Merton a few years ago and loved it. I should look him up again!! I don't think I could go without reading for a week..I'm afraid I may come unhinged. Now I could disconnect from the internet without a problem!!

  4. I also have a hard time unplugging and feel anxious if I can't check and see what's going on all over the place. It can get really bad for me sometimes when I am forced. I guess that totally means I have a problem!

  5. I'm impressed with all you're doing. You have a lot more involvements than just ROW80, so that's pretty inspiring. Keep at it!

  6. I've had Merton on my to-read list since reading Kathleen Norris (Dakota) a few years ago! Looks like you found some good stuff to read regardless, though! (I liked Death Comes for the Archbishop.)

  7. I'm so glad some else cries when writing their sad bits - feel a bit of a fool sometimes - but no one sees me

    Isn't it lovely what one can find on one's own bookshelves

  8. I haven't been back to visit in ages! Hello again. I am a reading addict too and it can interfere with my writing. Been trying to satisfy my reading craving (and not feel so guilty about it) by reading more to my kids - so that Little Pilgrim's Progress sounds like a great idea! Thanks! Keep up the writing/reading and have a very blessed Lent. I've read a little Merton too, he's wonderful!

  9. Robin -
    I just remembered it was the start of Lent on Wednesday when a family came in to the restaurant we were eating at and had the little ash crosses on their forehead.

    It took me quite a while to remember why and what they were for its been such a long time.

    You have seen the giveaway for the edit on my blog that is coming up? It should be live on Monday or Tuesday. I hope you enter - it would be wonderful for you to win. :)

  10. I can't unplug because I have to be online to work and I work every day. But I often stay off line in the evenings -- and I'm always amazed at how much I can accomplish if I quit checking Twitter and my email.

  11. @Michelle - it's really worth taking a day off from the interwebz. Refreshing.

    @Laurel - If it makes you anxious don't do it. It's all about balance.

    @Staci - I didn't come unhinged. A big cranky though. :)

    @Zibilee - Deciding in advance what you'll allow, such as reading emails, etc. is the key.

    @Craig-Aw thank you.

    @Lily - I'll have to check out Kathleen

    @Margo - welcome back stranger. Yeah, I kind of worked around the no reading thing for myself by reading with James. :)

    @Shelley - will definitely check out the edit thing.

    @Beth - Surprising how much time answering emails take up. :) All kinds of fun conversations though.


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