WIP Wednesday -- Week 7 of Row 80

1st round - January 3rd through March 24th

We are halfway through the 1st round of Row 80 and I'm still plugging away.  I feel like I'm making progress with the first draft of Red Thief, even though I'm only writing a couple pages or about 500 words a day.   I am writing every single day.  There have been mornings I've gotten up and so wanted to just read a book during breakfast and just go into veg mode and hang out online for while.  I have withstood the temptation however and have faithfully been writing my morning pages.  Talking it out on the page, stream of consciousness style and just letting it all hang out there seems to be a good positive influence.  I save the reading as a reward for finishing my morning pages and my writing in the morning.  Unplugging until 4:00 every day is working well too! 

However, I feel like I need to do more. You ever get that feeling. Like you aren't doing enough.   I'm about ready to sit down and write up a to do list like Judith of 365 has done.  Maybe if I am seeing things being checked off, then I will feel like I'm accomplishing more.    

Speaking of accomplishments  -- I got a A in my Short Story Class.  Happy Happy Joy Joy! 

I came up with an idea and not sure if it is a good one or just plain crazy.   Since I write everything long hand, considering the idea of using the typing up phase as my edit process.   I have a couple free weeks before my next class starts and I could be using the extra time to be typing up what I've written so far.  But I don't want to get bogged down.  I want to keep going forward with the story .  So I'm going to keep going, finish the story, then type it up.  It will be considered my first edit phase.  So this first round is totally dedicated to just writing.  The next phase will be editing and research.

I started Week 2 of The Artist's Way and really enjoying it.  It's all about getting rid of the 'crazymakers' in your life - the toxic negative people who do their best to distract you from writing or making positive changes in your life.  I have to say we've done a pretty good job of eliminating those type of folks from our lives and we limit our interactions.    Not only does Julia Cameron have some great insights, the tasks are really opening up my eyes and imagination. Also I've been trying to figure out what to do for artist's dates.  I love trying different food and my hubby is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so is my son.  So on one of my work days, going to be taking myself out to lunch and trying different things.

Completing the various tasks is helping me provide some suggestions to hubby and helping him make some some positive changes.  Between ROW80 and The Artist's Way, I'm doing great.   Plus through the rowers,  I've discovered  a few new to me authors and am enjoying reading their works. 

Goals for next week

1.  Complete week two of Artist Way
2.  Continue writing at least one page a day on Red Thief - 75% done.
3.  continue doing Morning Pages
4.  Write review of Green and post
5.  Research books with Greek setting and/or by Greek authors for Week 8 of 52 Books weekly post.

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  1. My eyes popped out at "I am writing every single day." Robin, that is such an awesome accomplishment and 500 words is a nice chunk. Way to go.

  2. Congrats on the A!

    And writing every single day? Fair play to you, that's a great habit. Going offline has helped me but I'm still not in a daily habit yet.

    I bought a notebook with every intention of starting morning pages but I keep using it for outlining because it's the only thing I can find. :D

  3. I think writing every day is wonderful no matter how many words you produce!!

  4. Congratulations on your "A" in your short story class. I always wanted to take a writing class. Twenty years later I'm finally mature and confident enough to admit I never had the guts to do so.


  5. @Judith - Thanks

    @clare - Gotta start doing those morning pages

    @Staci - thanks, you are my biggest cheerleader and I appreciate it.

    @Zohar - thanks for dropping by. I'm looking forward to taking more writing classes.


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