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Poor melvin broke his paw!

Thursday evening, Melvin came into the living room and he's favoring one leg, hopping on three.  We check out his leg and he has a deep cut on one paw.   We're thinking maybe he and one of the other cats got into something.  We hadn't heard anything so he could have been tussling with the persistent neighborhood cat who keeps coming in the yard.  Since he's not walking on it, decided to take him into the vet on Friday.   She said it's not a bite but looks like it got caught on something.  One of his toes could be broken, so decided to have x-rays done.  Turns out the bone behind his big toe is broken.   They splinted and wrapped it and now he's housebound for the next 6 weeks.  Poor Melvin!  He's our talkative cat so we've been getting an earful. 


  1. Aw, poor Melvin! Sounds like he's soaking up a lot of attention being laid up though. =)

  2. Ohhhh, poor baby! How are you keeping him from trying to get it off?

  3. How sad! I hope Melvin will be OK.

  4. Poor little Kitty!!! Hope he mends quickly!

  5. @miss mouse - yep, he's loving the attention.

    @sandra - surprisingly, he's not messing with it too much. He's always been our mellow cat.

    @ann - He will be. I know he's feeling better because he wants to go outside.

    @staci - me too. I can only stand kitty claws scratching at the door for so long.

  6. Oh no!! Poor thing. Our cats were always outdoor cats, so I can imagine how much fun keeping him inside is going to be.


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