D: Delirious by Daniel Palmer - Plus autographed copy to giveaway!

Delirious by Daniel Palmer
Author Synopsis:  Charlie Giles is at the top of his game. An electronics superstar, he’s sold his startup company to a giant Boston firm, where he’s now a senior director. With his dog, Monte, at his side, Charlie is treated like a VIP everywhere he goes.

Then one day, everything in Charlie’s neatly ordered world starts to go terrifyingly wrong. His prestigious job and his inventions are wrenched away from him. His family is targeted, and his former employers are dying gruesomely, picked off one by one. Every sign, every shred of evidence, points to Charlie as a cold-blooded killer. And soon Charlie is unable to tell whether he’s succumbed to the pressures of work and become the architect of his own destruction, or whether he’s the victim of a relentless, diabolical attack.

In a desperate struggle to save his life, Charlie races to uncover the truth, all the while realizing that nothing can be trusted—least of all his own fractured mind… 

Charlie Giles lived a perfect, meticulous life.  His start up company has been acquired by Solucent, a major electronics corporation.  His design, Invision "cell phone, satellite radio, an ipod, TiVo, a web browser, and a voice guided GPS all rolled into a package not much bigger than a deck of playing cards" is about to become standard issue in all automobiles.  Then things start to fall apart.  He finds notes he'd written, but doesn't remember. Hears  voices no one else can hear.  He meets a woman everyone else denies exists and he is being blamed for things he hasn't done.  Or did he!  Is he losing his mind, following in the footsteps of his father and brother, both diagnosed schizophrenics. Or is someone deliberately trying to frame him?    As his life spirals out of control, Charlie races to discover the truth and find out what part InVision has to play.  

Delirious is one heck of a psychological thriller that once you start reading, you won't want to put it down.  I know.  Once I started reading it, kept getting hooked by the twists and turns and the gotta read just one more pageittis.  Delirious is the debut novel of Daniel Palmer and is available TODAY!   

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Thank you to Daniel for asking me to be part of his kick off campaign and providing me with not one, but two autographed copies of Delirious so I can give one away to one of my faithful readers.  One I'll be keeping for myself of course, to read again and again.  If you like techno thrillers, stories that twist left just when you think its going to twist right and keep you in suspense, then Delirious is just the book for you.   Leave your name along with your email address in the comments.  The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, no p.o. boxes and will close February 1st at 11:59 p.m. 

pages:  371
publisher: Kensington Books
released:  January 25, 2011

Other Thoughts:

"Delirious is fraught with intense moments, extraordinary characters and exceedingly brilliant and unexpected plot developments and twists along the way."

"The story line was so intense and fast paced that at times I felt I couldn't read fast enough."

"I spent the entire reading experience completely enthralled by what was happening and determined to read more so I could figure out where it could possibly be headed."

*FTC notice: I was not compensated for my review and opinions expressed herein are basely entirely upon my reading experience. 


  1. I have this one on my gotta read list. Our library is getting a copy in. Can't wait.

  2. this one sounds pretty interesting!!!

  3. Would love to have a copy of this book...looks exciting!


  4. @Judith and Staci - want me to put your names in the virtual hat?

    @Dawn - it is exciting and keeps your attention.

  5. Robin,

    Huge thanks for reading Delirious and an even bigger one for giving it such a great review! I'm so glad the book was so engrossing for you--really makes the author smile! :) Looking forward to you reading and reviewing my future novels.


    My Website: Daniel Palmer Books

  6. Robin, I really appreciate that, but I think our library is getting this one in.


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