Just call us the Bird Whisperers

Our cats like to bring us gifts - rats, dragonflies, praying mantis, pieces of paper found wherever, and birds.  Usually the rats are dead, but we've managed to save most of the rest. Some days we're too late.  This morning, I glance up and look out the patio window and see Gracie. She's playing with something and figure I better get out there and save whatever it is.  It turned out to be a hummingbird.  They are real teases, flying down and around the cats heads, chirping at them.  They've come and hovered in front of me a few times for a chat when I've been sitting out on the patio.  Friendly little buggers, but not too terribly bright.   Surprisingly, Gracie manages to catch them.  This time, I caught her before she did any harm.    Unique experience, getting to hold and sooth a hummingbird.  Beautiful shiny green feathers that sparkled in the sunlight.  I've discovered birds are trusting souls, especially when you've save them from the cats.   She sat quietly in my hand, tiny little claws clutching and holding on to me. 


After a few minutes, she tried to fly and fluttered clumsily across the patio table.  She tried a couple more times not making it very far.  However, we could tell nothing was broken and hoped she'd get up the energy to fly out of the yard, safely away from the cats.  A few minutes later, she tried again and made it to one of the trees, hanging on to a tiny branch upside down.   She dropped into my hand and after resting a moment, took off, up and over the fence and was gone.  Yeah!  

 It's not everyday you get to pet a hummingbird!



  1. How awesome of an experience is that???!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love hummingbirds and this would be such a rare treat for me if this happened. Look at the look on James' face!!

  2. I agree with Staci. This was such an amazing experience. Love those photos.

  3. WOW - what an incredible thing. That could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience; thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. That is so cool! I'm so glad you took pictures! That hummingbird is so cute!


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