Bouchercon 2010 - Declan Hughes Play "I Can't Get Started"

One of the major highlights of Bouchercon 2010 was the reading of Irish Playwright and mystery writer Declan Hughes play "I Can't Get Started  by Hughes and an all star cast of authors.   The cast included Declan Hughes, Martyn Waites, Alison Gaylin, Brett Battles, Megan Abbott, Christa Faust and Mark Billingham.  I wish I could have recorded the whole thing because found out later that they didn't arrange to have the reading recorded.  And it was a memorable event.  All the authors put their hearts and souls into the reading.   It was touching, hilarious, entertaining, and educational.  I managed to catch a few snippets with my digital camera

Martyn Waite and Alison Gaylin

Brett Battles and Declan Hughes

Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham, Christa Faust, Martyn Waite and Alison Gaylin

Brett Battles and Megan Abbott

The reading was the brain child of writer Ellen Clair Lamb and you can see the whole story here on how it came to fruition. 


  1. Okay, I'm not sure about next year, but I *am* going to Bouchercon one of these years.

  2. Christa Faust is easily the savviest, sexiest, wittiest, most deliciously, ferociously lethal writer working in Noir today. Va Va Voom...Oh, HELL YEAH. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My Favorite!


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