What I'm working on for the rest of the week!

My Nobel Lit final is due by 11:59 EST time Sunday and I will be writing two essays:

1)   Comparing and contrasting the theme (including author's style and literary techniques) of The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann with another work I read this term.  By the time you read this I will have decided whether that book will be Nausea by Sartre or The Silent Cry by Oe.

2)  Imagine I've just been elected to serve on the Nobel Prize for Literature Selection Committee.  I must choose one of the works I studied this semester (see above plus Beckett's play Endgame and  Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea) and award the Nobel prize and argue for why it deserves the prize.  Yes, they were all Nobel prize books, but I really didn't think they were prizing winning.  So it will be interesting to argue for one of them.  Especially The Silent Cry by Oe.  It was an icky icky ptewy dark, morbid,  gross, throw it across the room novel. 

If you see me on facebook or twitter over the weekend, tell me to get off and go write.


  1. this week is y first week off of school so I will be... sleeping.... eating.... reading... writing!

  2. LOL at "If you see me on facebook or twitter over the weekend, tell me to get off and go write."

    I gave up both when I gave up book blogging. ;) So you won't have any help from me....sorry!

  3. I will try to keep you honest this weekend...good luck with those papers!!

  4. Good luck and get working!! I'll be rooting for you.

  5. Wow...that's serious stuff. I love it! I'll be anxious to hear how you feel when it's over.

    Come see me sometime.

  6. The only one I've read is Old Man and the Sea - in fact, I read it twice and liked it better the first time. Good luck!


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