Division Pinewood Derby

Remember when James car came in 2nd for his pack during the Pinewood Derby in January.   He was invited to participate in the Division Pinewood Derby and the derby was held on Thursday.   All the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from all the local packs gathered for the race.  Out of 33 races, James ran in 5 races and won two and came in 2nd and 3rd in the rest.

After all the races, they averaged the time for all the kids. 

He came in 16th out of 38 cars with an average time of 12.8469.  His pack mate who had come in 1st in our pack come in 8th at 12.68.  The winner's time 12.51.   Yes, the kids were a little disappointed they didn't win, but they had a fun time.   James is already looking forward to next years Pinewood Derby and thinking of a new design for his car.  


  1. That is awesome!! I love how high tech that race has become!!!!

  2. Hi Robin!
    Just read on Heather's blog that you finished the dare too!Congrats! I loved doing the dare so much taht I have created some more dares for myself and have been blogging about those. I look forward to reading your blog!
    Your fellow daree,

  3. Congrats to James for a good showing at the Division Pinewood Derby. Thats a cool looking Mario car. My son just finished his derby season and we too are looking forward to next year. Good luck.

  4. JMM (X Years Later) says,
    "Man, I wish I either got 1st or didn't take part."


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