Links and Posts to Ponder while I'm Unplugged

I'm feeling the need to unplug and concentrate on my writing this week.  So while I'm off chasing my muse, day dreaming and following my characters where ever they may lead, I have a few links to some posts to ponder.

We all want to travel and explore the world, but sometimes we just can't afford it.   An interesting list of an array of 100 books that will let you travel the world without leaving home. 

Do you like Book Trib with all the amazing links to book bloggers.  Well,  I found one similar that links all the crime writers blogs: Crime Spot.   Through Crime spot, I found out about this wonderful book

David Morrell of  The International Thrill Writers Association and critic and interviewer Hank Wagner's  Thrillers: 100 Must Reads. It is coming out in July and I've already pre-ordered mine.

I just have to share this with you because it is written by a friend who was my roommate once upon a time and I simply loved it:  The Sparkle Dick Diaries: The Problem with Jail Bite in Twilight and other Teen Romances by Maria Alexander.  Sort of pg/r rated so just be prepared. 

K.M. Weiland of Wordplay has a great post which actually helped me make the final decision to unplug this week:  Daydream or Die

And I've been following the latest blog chain started by Michelle McClean and the topic this time:  Who do you write for - yourself or the market.   There's been some interesting responses from everyone so far and providing food for thought.

Suzette had a great advice post on query tracker about building the framework for authorial success.  I found I'm google-able as Robin of My Two Blessings and that name comes up everywhere, but can hardly be found using my last name.   I jokingly told father I should take the pen name of Robin Blessings since that is how everybody knows me right now.  He actually thought it was a good idea.

Speaking of writing, I just joined this wonderful new forum called Inkwell.  It is the creation of Buffy Andrews, S.A. Larsen and Jessica Milar to provide aspiring writers and artists a place to learn more about the craft of writing.  Plus a place for established writers and authors to promote their work and lend a helping hand, provide feedback as well as continue to learn themselves.  Sort of like book ning -  this is all about writing.

And since this is national Poetry month - check out 52 books in 52 weeks.  This week O is for Ozymandias. 

Did you know there is a Science Fiction Poetry Association.  Yep, science fiction authors who write poetry.  Check out some of their poetry on Mind Voyages.

Henry David Thoreau, from whom the roots of positive thinking are found once said "As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."    

I was giving myself a pep talk the other day and asked myself, "do I really want to be a writer?"  And I realized the answer is "Well yes, of course.   Everything I do involves writing. I love to write.  It's not a question of do I want to be a writer.  I am a writer!"  

Sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact.   Then I asked myself "Do I want to get published?"  I'd be lying if I said no, that I'm just writing for fun.  Somewhere in the back of my mind is the desire to see my name on the cover of my book.  

In that case, I told myself, do it.  Think it. Write it.   Do it. Own it!  The power of positive  thinking.   Write, and write, then write some more. Just keep writing and living the dream and make it happen. 

Think it. Write it.  Do it. Own it!

My new mantra!  I'm off to think and dream and write.  And own it proudly!


  1. It took me a long time to go from the writer label to tagging myself an aspiring novelist. Like you, I had no trouble following the writer's path. I don't think I was on that other path until this year. ;) Staying singly focused for a long period has never been something I could do well.

  2. Enjoy your writing time! Just when I'm back to blog reading, you're off! :)

  3. Hope you are enjoying your time for writing. Thanks for the link for travel books. I've been looking for books for the Global Challenge (other than the US and UK). This helps.

  4. Thrillers are good. On May 10 I'll be interviewing thriller author Bonnie Hearn Hill at my blog. She's going into YA now.

  5. I hope your writing is going well and you are enjoying your "off" time.

    I love Thoreau's quote to included. I have never read it but it is absolutely true.

  6. Thanks for all the links! I'm on my way to unplug and spend a blissful week doing nothing but writing. So excited. :D


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