Links and Posts to Ponder while I'm at Scout Expo

Norman Rockwell Painting 1944

This weekend we will be mingling with 6000 other scouts at the Scout Expo.   It will be my first time camping out in eons so I don't expect to get much sleep.  I have the princess and the pea syndrome and can feel the pebble even through a dozen mattresses. So, you can imagine how I'll do with a sleeping bag and one of those thin sleeping pads.  Tylenol is my friend.  Since the expo is being held on an Air Force Base, I've been reading all the rules and regulations that go along with that, as well as what is expected of the boys.   Interestingly enough, no electronics.  The boys have to leave all their gizmo's at home for the weekend.   James is still trying to talk me into letting him bring his nintendo DS with him so he can play it before he goes to bed.   I imagine after a day of walking, lots of activities and noise, he's going to curl up and pass out rather quickly.   I had been considering taking my Nook but maybe not.  

So while we are whooping it up with the boys scouts, here are a few links and post to ponder. 

Congratulations to Summer of And This Time, Concentrate for making it through the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  She had stuck it out and posted every single day for the month of April.

Check out Staci's post from Life in the Thumb:  I'll read what I want, When I want and Without Labels, thank you.    A Florida mom decided that the government needs to do her job and label all library books so kids know whether they are appropriate or not.  Irksome to say the least. 

Sandra started the writer's blog chain this go round with the question:

Have you ever created a character different from yourself in some significant way, such as (but not limited to) different gender, race, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation? If so, what, if any, research did you do to portray these differences? Was this character a main character, secondary character, or walk-on? Did these differences have an impact on the story?

Jody Hedlund's been discussing Self Editing - What is it and why we do it, plus the 3 simple stages to self edit.   Very, very helpful.   She's so wise - I like how her brain works.

Jonathan at Worlds Without End has an interesting, but mind boggling quote from James Cameron (yes, the one who directed Titanic) about science fiction literature and movies

On April 30th, 1789 George Washington was inaugurated as our first president of the United States.   "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible."

I'll leave you with this question to ponder:  If you were forced to give up one of your five senses, which one would you choose? Why?  


  1. I hope you week end camping went better than you ever dreamed it could. I'm sure it was a good experience for all the kids to do without their gizmos for the week end. And I hope the nights (and days) were plesant weather for you.
    former Girl Scout

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Robin! Have a great weekend!


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