What's in the Bible DVD Series -- Phil Vischer does it again.

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales does it again with "What's in the Bible" DVD Series.  He has teamed up with Tyndale House Publishing to teach kids and families about the bible and walk them through it from beginning to end.    I was provided the opportunity to review an advance copy of both DVD 1 In the Beginning and DVD 2 Let My People Go.  They are excellent!!!   Phil Vischer, along with a cast of puppet characters including: Newsman  Buck Denver, the funny brother duo Clive and Ian, Sunday School Lady and her magic flannelgraph which talks and only she can hear, Pastor Paul, Brother Louie, cowboy Chuckwagon, and pirate Captain Pete to name a few,  who together lead you through the bible.  

Unlike the Veggie tales in which you could plant your kid in the front of the DVD and leave them to watch, you are going to want to sit down with your kids to watch the "What's in the Bible" series.   James, father and I have already watched the dvd about a dozen times and each time learn something new.   

In DVD 1 In the Beginning (covers Genesis) and DVD 2 Let My People Go,(covers Exodus)  you'll be amused as well as educated while you learn about how the bible was made, how God inspired people to write the bible, the Septuagint and why there are a different number of books in the Hebrew, Catholic and Orthodox versions of the bible, learn the definition of salvation and redemption and canon and how God wants to rescue us from sin.  Phil even tackles the question of the definition of what does a "day" mean and that there are some questions that will have to go unanswered.   

The episodes are both lighthearted and serious, and geared to all ages.  It will get your kids asking questions and have you heading either to the encyclopedia, the internet or the bible to answer.  Each time James has picked out something different and wanted to know more  - for example who is Martin Luther or why do the sin monsters look like little hairy blobs with teeth. (you see what I'm talking about in the video clip down below)  Father especially appreciated the beginning when Vischer explained all about what happened when Big Idea and Veggie Tales had to declare bankruptcy, his legal battles, and starting over.   I learned a few things about the Septuagint and the Apocrypha which, yes are big words and explained so that kids can understand. 

I am looking forward to the rest of the series.  There will be 13 total and each DVD has 2 25 minute episodes.   To find out more about the series, head on over to What's in the Bible," plus check out Jelly Telly and to see what else Phil is working on, check out his site

And, And, And......

I have two Tyndale House Publishers Award Certificates to give away:  One for DVD 1 - In the Beginning and one for DVD 2 Let My People Go, which you can redeem at your local christian bookstore for a free copy of the DVDs.  Please leave your name and email in comments and the winner will be picked, using random.org of course.  Giveaway will end March 24th and is open to U.S. Residents only. 


Last but not least, a introduction about the DVD series from Phil Vischer

Thank you to Tyndale house for providing me with a advanced courtesy copy of What's in the Bible.   Available now at your local christian bookstores and online.   I highly recommend them.

ftc notice:   my unbiased, uncompensated opinion.


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  2. Yes! I love Veggie Tales, & I'd love to see what else those guys are up to.



  3. I am so happy to see Phil Vischer at work again!
    Thank you for the review and the video intro.


  4. We would love a chance to win. Veggie Tales is a favorite in our house. I know we would love anything else put out by them.

    Thank you!

  5. My girls would love these they love veggie tales.

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  6. These sound WONDERFUL!


  7. pick me! pick me! I have a crew of kids who would love this, we love Veggie Tales at our house!

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  9. That sounds like a great set. I'll definitely be checking them out.

  10. My kids would love this. Actually, I would too! ;-)

  11. What a great opportunity! Cyndi Kane at cyndikane@sbcglobal.net.

  12. What's in the Bible looks great!

  13. Those do look great. My boys loved the Veggie Tales so much growing up!! I would love a chance to win them!! Thanks!


  14. How great to hear that you as parents are entertained and educated by the films. I've watched a bit on Jelly Telly with my 2-year old and I've found myself drawn in.

    No need to enter me in the drawing as we hope to be selling these on our website soon :)


  15. We LOVE Veggie Tales....so glad you posted this!



  16. We are big fan of Veggie Tales. :)



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  19. Enter me please! I think Kiddo and I would really enjoy these. ;)

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