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Wannabe writers - yep, that sounds like me.  I'm a wannabe writer.  I came across Sarah's blog called Confessions of the Un-published and her weekly meme recently.   (Thank you J.Kaye).  I decided to join in starting this week because I need to work on learning the craft itself. 

Wannabe Writers is her weekly meme. It's a writing group for the un-published and anyone is welcome to join. It's a place where future authors can ask questions, share stories, and get feedback. Click (here) to find out how it works.
Where I am in the writing process:  I'm currently 2/3's of the way through Eyes in the Ashes.

My Current problem:  I'm a bit stalled at the moment.  Reason why?  Haven't the foggiest.  I sat down yesterday morning and nothing flowed. I stuttered along for about a hour, not coming up with anything coherent.  I think I'm trying to control the process again instead of letting it flow.   Michelle Gagnon, who blogs at the group mystery writers blog "The Kill Zone" had a great post entitled "The 50 page mark."  In a nutshell, when folks get bogged down, they go back and start editing and end right back at the 50 page mark with nothing done.  In essence I derailed myself by forgetting its a first draft. So back to just opening up my brain, channeling my muse and letting it flow on the page.  Yes, I write long hand when working on WIP.  It all seems to flow better that way.  However, when I'm working on my blogs, I don't prewrite, I just type.  Don't know what the difference is between the two.  It's odd!   Which brings me to Sarah's writing project she just started yesterday and blends in perfectly with my lent goal.  Writing 50,000 words in 50 days, a 1000 words a day.  A little like nano which seems to spur me on.  Plus there are a few folks joining in and we can all be cheerleaders for each other.  I was going to join in quietly, unofficially without saying anything, but that wouldn't give me any accountability. 

My question this week:  "How to get going in the beginning? Suggestions on ways to start a story?"

How to start a story?  I did a lot of pre planning with my very first WIP and by the time I got to Eyes in the Ashes, not so much.  I got an idea about the story, came up with some characters and wrote out some ideas for scenes.  Then here's the kicker.  At night as I went to sleep I would write the story in my head. All three stories the past three years were started in November with Nanowrimo.   So by the time, November 1st hit, I had written the beginning in my brain quite a few times.   How to begin?  Write it in your head, then sit down and get it down on paper or type it.  Just get it down and once you get the beginning down, then the rest should follow. Hopefully!

To join in on Wannabe Writer's, head on over to Sarah's at Confessions of the Un-published

So how do you begin a story?


  1. Not being much of a writer at all, I am in awe of anyone being able to write 50 pages!! Good Luck Robin!

  2. Most of the time I begin with one scene that won't get out of my head. I write that down and then start figuring out who these people are, where they came from and what the heck they did to get themselves into this mess!

    So I don't really start at the beginning, I start where I'm interested and then look for a way to give the beginning a start with a bang.

    I know the stalled feeling, I'm stuck right now too. I am just writing anyway, whatever garbage comes into my head hoping that something fabulous will come out. :)

  3. thanks for posting and joining in. I hope this 50k in 50 days goes well for everyone.

  4. Thats kinda what I do exept I do it in the shower!!

  5. I'm completely with you on the stalling out feeling. For the past month, I've had an on-going argument with myself about scrapping my whole work-in-progress. But yesterday I sat down and had a couple of solutions to the problems plaguing the novel structure. They came out of nowhere so that has me thinking that I just needed to let the story marinate for a while.

    Thanks for the links! I'm going to check out that blog meme.

  6. Staci: I never thought I'd be able to write one page much less 50. Now that I have 3 WIPs I have amazed myself. Thanks!

    Crystal: Hope your stalled feeling goes away.

    Sarah: I'm going to try. I just needed a kick in the a** to get me going again. Thanks!

    Swimmer: Shower's a good place to think. The bathroom is the only place I have any privacy. :)

    Karen: I get that. I was thinking of dumping my latest wip but things flowed yesterday.

  7. I'm not centered enough to create the entire book in my head. I've read where so many are. It takes me writing down notes, I think, and piecing those together like puzzle pieces.

    Anyway, so glad you are joining this weekly meme! :)

  8. Hi Robin -
    This is my first comment, I believe, since I started reading your blog.
    This looks like an interesting blog.
    I will be looking at it in the next few google reader skim through.

    I have a number of authors and writers whom follow my blog...a good place to start for many of them.. including myself. Even if I am only writing on my blog... thanks!


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