WIP Wednesday: Lent and our personal writing challenge ala Nano style


What does Work In Progress Wednesday have to do with Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent? 

Both James and I have been neglecting our writing lately.  We did so well during National Novel Write month, writing every morning and working toward the goal.  We would both get up in the morning and after breakfast, sit down and right for an hour or so.  For me, working on the 50,000 word goal  and for James, writing and finishing his fan fiction story about the super Mario Brothers.  He figured out exactly how many chapters and pages he had to write to use up his 120 page notebook and did exactly that.  Lately, we both have been getting on the internet after breakfast and before you know, it's time to do lessons or whatever else is scheduled for the day.   James is giving up the internet for Lent (his choice) and I'll be limiting my online time.   

We decided that Lent would be a good time to do our own personal novel writing challenge. We have 46 days including the 6 Sundays.    I'm going to shoot for 50,000 words and try to finish Eyes in the Ashes  and will have a daily word goal of approximately 1100 words. I discovered I work better with goals and deadlines.  James will shoot for writing every day and finishing his story, another fan fiction tale about Mario and Bowser, by the end of Lent.   When he's done, he wants to post the story online and I'm going to set him up with a blog for him to post a chapter a week.

How has your writing been going lately?  Great or having a mid winter slump?   If you need incentive and want to join us, let me know.  I'll be reporting our progress periodically throughout Lent. 


  1. Good luck with your writing goals this week :)

  2. Oh, that is a great motivator! Good luck. I'm sure you'll do great. I've been motivated by the Olympics so I'm trying to get through edit number 3.0 before the games end.


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