Work In Progress Wednesday - Nano on the brain

I have NaNo on the brain today. Isabella, my main character for my next WIP3, which I planned on starting in November has been knocking on the door lately and getting pretty persistent. Just imagine someone standing there, staring at you, looking at their watch and tapping their foot...impatient, not wanting to wait any longer. I'm far from done with the rewrite of F.O.T.S. but Samantha stopped talking to me a couple weeks ago. I don't think she liked the way I ended the last scene. I was ready to move on, she wasn't. Result I haven't gotten any writing done. I may just let the two leading ladies duke it out and see who wins.

Time for a come to Jesus meeting with my muse. I did come across a great post today by B.J at Enriched By Words called Procrastination or Preparation? Wonderful article, as always, in which she quotes from Roy Peter Clark's book "Writing Tools" which I've added to my wish list. The jist is what we think is procrastination is preparation. All that writing we do in our heads - rehearsal for the real thing. I need to do a bit more rehearsing. Hopefully I can get the majority of the rewrite for F.O.T.S. done this month (if my characters cooperate), then in October concentrate on outlining and developing the cast of characters for WIP3.

Which brings me to --Da da da da:

New 2009 Badges for Nano available at
Designed by Graham Dobson

What do you think? Puts finger to lips - Shhh! Don't let Mr. Dobson know I asked, but would someone please explain what that first doohicky is?

As Mork would say "Na-Nu Na-Nu"

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