My little salesman!

Happy, optimistic James and me - geeky mom. I have to buy a better hat and quit grabbing the first ball cap I come across.

As we all know, part of being a girl scout or boy scout is the fund raising. The girl scouts sell their delicious cookies for a couple weeks out of the year and the boys scouts have their popcorn sales. Surprisingly though, I discovered the boys aren't limited to a certain part of the year for sales. They only have the door to door sales for a couple weeks, but thanks to Trails end who provides the popcorn, folks can continue to buy popcorn year round. But we'll get back to that in a moment.

Yesterday, James did his first ever door to door fund raising for the boy scouts. We figured all our neighbors would be home on a Sunday afternoon -- wrong! Only three were home, but they all ordered something. Yeah! It was a good experience for James and he did well with his spiel, chatting up the neighbors, making them laugh and making them forget about their "no soliciting" signs on their doors. I told James under ordinary circumstances, if we didn't know the people, then we would honor the signs. However, these folks are our neighbors and we've been buying stuff from their kids and grandkids for years. Our turn.

Which brings us back to Trails end who makes the popcorn. You see, they have this wonderful website where you can buy more popcorn. Yep, when you run out of your boy scout popcorn, you can order more. Or if you would like to order popcorn for the first time and support a boy scout, you can do so on-line. All year round. How cool is that. It is especially cool since all our relatives, who we know would love to buy popcorn, live out of town. They can buy it online and have it shipped directly to them, versus us shipping it. Convenient huh! And James will get credit for it and once he makes $2500 in sales, Trails-End will invest 6% of his sales in a college scholarship account now and then 6% of his sales every year.

Another cool thing this year is Operation Popcorn where you can buy popcorn for the troops. Folks can donate $25 or $40 and Trails-End will send popcorn treats to the troops.

We sat down last night and James made out a list of prospects, err family members who he wants to send emails to and or call and ask them to buy popcorn. He'll be busy this week practicing his salemanship.

If you would like to order popcorn and support boy scouts, click on over to Trails-End.Com. There is a wonderful variety including microwave popcorn, carmel, cheese and for those chocolate lovers - Chocolatey Triple Delight. And if you would be so kind as James would say to give him credit for the sale, his scout id # is 3158403.


  1. Awww. If I were a popcorn lover (and lived in the US), I'd buy some from him.

    He looks very sharp in his uniform, Robin! ^-^

  2. I will have to check that sight out!! I always support my girl scouts and boy scouts!!

  3. I love popcorn! I'll check it out and talk to Mr. BFR; we always try to help out.

  4. I went to the site and found the catalog, but couldn't figure out how to order it. I clicked on the name, the picture and the nutritional info. Help!


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