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Random books read in the past couple weeks

In my quest to read all things Agatha Christie, 4.50 from Paddington was very interesting. Miss Marple's friend Elspeth is traveling by train to visit her. Another train passes and for a few moments it travels in tandem with Elspeth's train. Elspeth glances across and sees a man strangling a woman. Miss Marple is the only one who will believe her and sets out to investigate with the help of Lucy Elsebarrow. Classic who done it. Thanks to Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise and the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.

Dead until Dark (a Sookie Stackhouse Novel) BethF and a few others have mention the Sookie Stackhouse books so many times, I just had to read it. Charlaine Harris is a first time author read and I'm sold. Have already picked up her 2nd book Living Dead in Dallas.

Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson. Book #1 in her New Orleans Series. Reading as part of J.Kaye's Lisa Jackson Reading Fest. Romantic suspense novel and very, very good. Someone is killing prostitutes in New Orleans and threatening Radio talk show psychologist Dr. Samantha Leeds. He keeps telling her to repent her sins and confuse or someone else will die.

R is for Ricochet by Sue Grafton - part of Grafton's ABC Kinsey Milhone series. Thought I was going to read them all in order, however my mom had M is for Murder and R is for Ricochet. Just as good out of order as in. Kinsey is hired by a wealthy elderly man to escort his daughter home from prison and help her stay on the straight and narrow. The daughter wasn't as innocent as expected and gives Kinsey a good run for the money.

And last but not least:

Witching Moon by Rebecca York. Book 3 in the moon series - paranormal romance. Follows werewolf Adam Marshall who runs the Nature's refuge. Sara Weston, a botanist arrives to research vegetation. There is something odd about her that he just can't figure out. Also a coven of witches descends on the town, children of previous towns people who had been run out of town. They are set on revenge. What does Sara have to do with the witches?


  1. Great books this week. I've never read an Agatha Christie book. Is there a good one to start with?

  2. I like your nice short reviews. I've been collecting all the Sue Graftons so I could sit down and read them all but I think I need to get going with A is for Alibi. I have yet to read a Sookie but everyone seems to be enthusiastic about them.

  3. I'm in the middle of the 4:50 from Paddington in audio right now. It's a lovely listen. I really need to get started with the Sookie books! And you've reminded me that I should get back into the Kinsey Milhone series - it's been quite a while since I've read one (I think H for Homicide was the last one I read). Both the Lisa Jackson and the Rebecca York books sound good, too.


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