Fall Reading Challenge 2009

Fall into Reading

September 22 through December 20

Hosted by: Callapidder Day's

Welcome to the glorious days of Fall. Once again Katrina of Callapidder Day's is hosting Falling in Reading 2009 - a low pressure, set your own reading goals, and just read challenge. I decided to continue with my theme of First time Author Reads. I'm enjoying discovering new to me authors and I have a few in my current TBR stack that have been calling my name. The books I will be reading are:

Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald . The book has been sitting on the shelves for a couple years now and with banned book week coming up, decided I should read it. It was challenged by a baptist college in South Carolina for language and sexual references. There are a number of books listed on the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th century and the reasons why listed here.

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin (674 pages) I have heard many good things about George R.R. Martin and delving back into my Fantasy roots.

Here Be Dragons - Sharon Kay Penman (720 pages) My late mother in law loved historical fiction and we inherited a number of books. They've been sitting on the shelves for years calling my name. We have the Wales Trilogy and when "When Christ and his Saints Slept. Perfect time to begin the series.

Kill Her Again - Robert Gregory Browne (320 pages) One of the mystery authors who blogs at Murderati. I've been working my way through all their books.

Nightwatch - Sergie Lukyanenko (464 pages) I came across the book while at the book store and was intrigued. I was on a mission to chose a book by its cover. But part of the mission included not looking to see what the book was about, posting what I thought it was about, then look to see what it was about. (yes - lovely sentence I know). I failed at the mission, but ended up getting several books. Thanks Jen.

Silent Thunder - Iris Johansen (384 pages) Same goes for this one.

Strong Poison - Dorothy L. Sayers (272) My MIL also loved British fiction and we have a few that have been sitting on the shelves waiting.

The Brutal Telling - Louise Penny (384 pages.) A review book sent to me by the publisher and being released today September 22nd, so you can guess which book I'm going to be reading next.

The Arc, The Reed and The Firecloud - Jenny Cote
I picked this one up after reading about on someone else's blog and reading it for the Random Reading challenge.

The Lost City of Oz - David Grann (352) I don't read alot of nonfiction but heard about this on on the blogs and was intrigued. My sister in law just finished it and let me borrow it.

The Red Siren - M.L. Tyndale (288 pages) I'm pretty sure I picked this one up after reading Amy's of My Friend Amy review. My type of story.

The Wyndham Case - Jill Paton Walsh (223 pages)
Another british mystery that's been sitting on the shelves a while.

Vanished - Joseph Finder (400 pages) This one I picked up totally based on cover for Take a Chance Challenge. This is how I completed that mission finally.

If you would like to participate in the Fall reading Challenge, head on over to Katrina's and sign up on Mr. Linky.


  1. Mind you, Martin does not hold back on the punches and his work - well, ASoIaF anyway - is pretty light on the magic and such. It's there, but on a far smaller scale than, say, Pratchett. (Warning supplied by the "I seem to recall you're not too fond of overly gritty and nasty books" fund.)

    *sigh* You make me want to join up for the Fall in Reading challenge, but I'm afraid I'm still stuck on my coursework. (I'm all caught up on my blog reading, but I'm still shying away from the coursework reading. Bad Shanra! *has no discipline*)

  2. You have a lot of good books on this list. I have read all four of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire and I think the Game of Thrones is probably the most engaging, it gets a little tedious by the time you read part four but part one is well worth reading.
    I liked Red Siren as well, it's alight, Christian romance and to be honest I prefer these to the loaded with heavy sex scenes ones. The only thing that kept distracting me was the lady on the cover who IMO had nothing to do with the heroine in the book.

  3. Excellent choices. I have Here Be Dragons here -- I think Meghan (Medieval Bookworm) convinced me to buy it. And I really want to read the Martin series too.

  4. I just finished The Brutal Telling over the weekend. It was a pretty good mystery. I hope you enjoy it. Great list!

  5. You have a great selection here. These are all new to me, and they all sound good. Here Be Dragons is especially intriguing.

  6. I haven't read any of these books. *frantically writing them down*

  7. I like your idea of doing first time author reads - I haven't even heard of most of these (all except Great Gatsby which I've heard of but haven't read) - fun!

  8. We recently read The Great Gatsby for Bookclub on 5M4B, and it was interesting reading it through adult eyes, after reading it years ago in high school.

    Have a great month of reading, and thanks for linking up with us!

  9. You've got some great reading ahead! I loved The Great Gatsby. Good luck with the challenge.

  10. I like your choices. I loved watching you pick the Take A Chance title. I'm going to have to add some of these to my list for next year.

  11. I love Dorothy Sayers mysteries. I've also read The Great Gatsby a couple of times. It's tough for me to figure out why it was banned.

  12. Quite a long list you have - my kind of reader. The only one I've read on your list is "The Great Gatsby." Have fun!

  13. Your header is so pretty. Do you change it seasonally???

  14. These books are new to me too, except The Red Siren. Good adventure in that one. Enjoy your reading!

  15. You have an excellent list of books to read. You should have fun on this challenge. Good luck to you.

  16. They all look great, however Game of Thrones totally ROCKS!!!!!!

  17. What a great list! Have fun reading this Fall!

  18. Nice line-up of books for your fall enjoyment!

  19. Looks good! Plenty of variety, and you have a number of books that I'd like to check out -- Vanished, Brutal Telling.

    Thanks for being part of Fall Into Reading '09!

  20. The Great Gatsby was one of the few books I was forced to read in high school that I actually enjoyed. Have fun!

  21. I had to read the Great Gatsby in high school. I remembered that I liked it, but not much else. So I recently went back and reread it and really enjoyed it! Hope you do too!

    Have fun!

  22. Here Be Dragons sounds good. The only I have read from your list is Great Gatsby. Good luck with the challenge!

  23. Hi Robin,
    You have a great list. I would be interested in `When Christ and His Saints slept`
    Enjoy Reading,


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