Educational Moments

Star Wars X Wing Fighter

See this puppy. James is attempting to put it together all by himself. He didn't want my help. So instead of doing math right now, he is in his room, reading the directions and constructing the x wing. Last year we bought several kits and they have been just sitting, because James wanted me to do all the work. He just wasn't interested. Suddenly, some brain cell kicked in and he's been working on the kits. He's diligently working away and it is educational. Just one of those unschooling moments that you have to take advantage of.


  1. I think it's awesome that he likes to build these!! My brother did model cars all through his teens!!

    I love your new header..gorgeous!

  2. Those kits wouldn't have lasted un-made around here! I love putting together Lego models - I was so sad when my older son reached an age where he wanted to do it himself. I can still remember one wonderful Christmas Eve, putting together a moon station ...!

  3. I like putting those things together. It's my son who's not all that interested. He likes having it done, but the process is not his thing. I wonder if it's because I hop right in and do it for him. Hmmmm.


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