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The Sunday

Happy August and welcome to this week's Sunday Salon. I find myself channeling Mr. Roger's and singing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Our weather has been odd so far this summer and our forecast is for a high in the 80's for the week. I know the weather can turn on a dime in the valley though and before we know it, it will be back in the 100's.

August is a busy month - celebration wise. My baby will be turning 10 years old this week. And I have had the awesome experience of getting to enjoy every single moment, seeing him experience his firsts and witnessing the foibles of growing up. He's an interesting kid. And as one of my favorite clerks at the grocery story pointed out yesterday - a preteen. Gaak! Yep, and the changes are coming. We are already experiencing the "attitude." But also a growth of interest and now he wants to be a filmmaker. I found some interesting gifts to give him for his birthday along those lines. And since he reads my blog, we'll just keep it on the qt for the moment and not mention what they are.

Interestingly enough, he shares his birthday with his cousin, (Father's brother B's daughter) who will be turning 11 and his aunt- one of my wonderful sister in laws. (Father's brother M's wife). My mom's birthday is the 6th, Father's will be the 25th - his big 50 and our 12th Anniversary will be on the 23rd. A full month of celebrations.

I'm currently reading "I Can See You" by Karen Rose (courtesy of Hachette books) which is being released on August 5 and so far - excellent. I finished Benny and Shrimp by Katarine Mazetti (interesting book) and will be reviewing it sometime this week. For the Random Reading Challenge I ran my list of books through the random generator and ended up with 12 randomly selected books from my pile. First I had to fix the list, because I had read books mixed in with unread books. They are.

  1. Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  2. The Arc, The Reed, and the Fire Cloud - Jenny Cote
  3. Charmed and Dangerous - Toni McGee Causey
  4. Side by Side - John Ramsey Miller
  5. Mother's Leadership and Success - Guy Odom
  6. R is for Ricochet - Sue Grafton
  7. The Magician - Michael Scott
  8. The Associate - John Grisham
  9. The Blackening Song - Aimee and David Thurlo
  10. The Angel - Carla Neggers
  11. The ABC Murders - Agatha Christie
  12. Sizzle and Burn - Jayne Ann Krenze

Not a bad list. Looking forward to reading them all. The first randomly selected book I will be reading is #9 - The Blackening Song by Aimee and David Thurlo.

My Modern Literature class is over except for the final. The past two weeks were all about White Noise by Don Lelillo and I spent the weekend answering the discussion questions and writing a paper about whether I thought Jack Gladney was a Hero or Antihero. After the final, I'm off for a couple weeks before starting the next class. Trying to decide what want to take next - Educational Psychology or Art History before the 14th century. I already have the book for Art History since previously took Art History from the 15th century on, so will save money there. Decisions, decisions.

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested. -- Francis Bacon

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