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The Sunday

A Bit of This and a bit of that!

What is the Sunday Salon? Imagine some university library's vast reading room. It's filled with people--students and faculty and strangers who've wandered in. They're seated at great oaken desks, books piled all around them, and they're all feverishly reading and jotting notes in their leather-bound journals as they go. Later they'll mill around the open dictionaries and compare their thoughts on the afternoon's literary intake....

Are you a book collector? I am. We have bookshelves in every room of our house, except the bathroom. Of course, there is always a book or stack of magazines to be found in there. I love looking at the bookshelves, thinking about the books I've read and ones yet to be read. Classics, romances, science fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, non fiction. Do you remember what you were doing when you were reading a certain book? Books not only tell a story but are a part of our lives and history.

Do you branch out and read a variety of new authors as well as your favorites. Or do you stick to those tried and true authors you enjoy. During my teen years, I only read Harlequin Romances. They were all quite g rated back then. In my early 20's all I read was science fiction and fantasy. Late 20's progressed to mysteries. In my 30's all I read was Christian fiction. I was a one genre woman. Now as I approach my 50th birthday, I have branched out and read all the genre's and this year a theme seems to have evolved - First Time Author Reads. I am enjoying discovering new authors and adding some to my must read again list.

Which brings me to Booking through Thursday's Question:

“So here today I present to you an Unread Books Challenge. Give me the list or take a picture of all the books you have stacked on your bedside table, hidden under the bed or standing in your shelf – the books you have not read, but keep meaning to. The books that begin to weigh on your mind. The books that make you cover your ears in conversation and say, ‘No! Don’t give me another book to read! I can’t finish the ones I have!’ “

They are stacking up and calling my name, making the decision harder each day to decide which one to read next. Hence the reason for Read my own books challenge.

My nightstand

closer look up top

Closer look down bottom

I'm very much a mood reader, but have been trying to get through the oldest books first but lately that just hasn't been working. One day I'll be in the mood for a romance, the next science fiction, the next mystery. Do I need to mention all the classics on the living room shelves yet to be read, or all the books we are currently buying for James assigned 4th grade reading such "Carry On Mr. Bowditch" or "Around the world in Eighty Days" or "A Lion Among Us." I just cleaned and straightened out James bookshelves and discovered many chapter books that we overlooked. Plus gathered all the old readers that he is just too old for to bring to the used book store for credit. However, it seems every time I turn around, the number of books in the crate seems to be shrinking. No one wants to get rid of books around here, no matter what.

I'm currently reading two books by R.L. Geerdes which she kindly sent me in the Mistress of Beasts Saga. Book one which I just finished called Wizard's Secrets and just about to begin book two Chasing Demons. When she asked me to review Chasing Demons and I happened to mention that I hadn't read Wizard's Secrets yes, she very kindly sent me both. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed book one, so eager to read Chasing Demons.

I finished 20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler and will be reviewing it sometime this week. Mini Reviews will be be coming up for Mariah Stewart's Last series and Lisa Jackson's double book 1985 classics High Stakes that included Gypsy Wind and Devil's Gambit which had me giggling quite a bit with her description of body parts which were proud or blossoming. Plus First time author reads including Susan Andersen's Baby I'm Yours and Sherryl Woods Harbor Lights.

Happy Reading!


  1. I also liked 20 Boy Summer (reviewed it as well). I have a stack that is too scary for met to photograph... but... trust me!

    I, too, am a mood reader. Doesn't help when you have ARC's!


  2. Wow, you've got a lot of great reviews coming up and I can't wait to read them!! I loved Carry On Mr. Bowditch!! I've had several kids read that this year and thank me for suggesting it to them. I think it was amazing everything he did with just a pencil and calculator/computer/internet!! I want your nightstand!! I'm a mood reader big time and I love looking at all of my books but I really need to start reading them instead of checking out so many books at the library!!

  3. All your books look so great! I am totally jealous of all your reading time. I need to carve that out for myself again.
    I own at least 100 books I haven't read. Some I have been staring at for close to 10 years! But I keep checking out new books from the library.


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