Family, kids, noise and fireworks

Pacifica, California

We went to the coast over the 4th of July weekend and stayed with Father's brother and family. It was beautiful and a cool 60 degrees most of the time, foggy at times. On July 4th, while father slept in, we (James, me and brother in law - M) took the two dogs for a walk at Fort Funston, which located right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It has been turned into a dog park. We had a grand time following the trails and checking out the old gun battery. Plus there were lots of people with friendly, very well behaved dogs. Then returned to get ready for an open house barbecue with family and friends. We got to catch up with Father's dad, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins. James got to hang out with the 14 year olds and had a blast.

Come evening time, the sky lit up with fireworks. Various folks through out the community had gotten their hands on some illegal fireworks and we stood out on the back deck watching all the colorful displays. After that we all went out to the front and put off our safe and sane fireworks. We crawled exhausted into bed around 11:00 only to be wakened by some guy lighting off M80's from the street below. G said he does this every year. Sets up a few, blasts them off and then moves, so he doesn't get caught.

We took off on Sunday to come back home to four very happy cats. Of course, instead of crashing, I had to go grocery shopping and write a paper for my Modern Literature class. And since we changed our work schedule around a bit with me working on Monday's and Thursdays, I had to go to work. I was feeling a bit grumpy so took a bit of alone time during the day to recharge my batteries and went off to Brighter Child Home School store to pick up some books for 4th grade. Unfortunately, the phones at the shop went crazy while I was out, so my techs were a bit grumpy when I got back.

Today, this introvert finally gets to have a quiet, lazy day to recharge completely. My brain is mush and even though I tried to sit down and write this morning, there wasn't anybody home. My characters all decided to take a hiatus and not talk to me. All we have to do for lessons today is math, cursive and spelling. Then plenty of time to read, veg,and catch up on your blogs. The hardest decision I have to make today is which book to read.

ta ta for now


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Sometimes our brains just need a time-out!! What book did you end up deciding on?

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope you enjoyed the day -- we should all have day when our hardest decision is picking out a book.

  3. Thanks guys. I ended up reading a murder mystery by Mariah Stewart called Forgotten. I'm on a Mariah Stewart kick right now. I just finished her "last" series. Most of her stories have the same family of characters running throughout.


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