Work In Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday is brought to you by the lovely Kate of The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me.

Last week was unplugged week and I managed to write everyday, just not on my WIP. I worked the first three days on my story and the rest of the week working on my midterm. This week, I have been writing about 3 to 6 pages each day. I discovered the secret to my writing diligently every morning is to not allow any computers to be turned on until I'm done writing. Which mean, James can't get on the computer, nor play wii until I'm done writing. However, the wii has been relegated to the garage for an indefinite period of time, until certain behaviors improve, so that really isn't an issue right now. You know, I never got it before why people limited their kids video game play time to the weekends or only allowed them to play 30 minutes in the afternoon, when everything else was done. I do now.

I'm having him concentrate on writing a story or drawing during that period of time. He's a good writer and since he loves Godzilla so much (even though all the movies have been shelved as well...too much swearing which was rubbing off on him) he's been writing lots of stories about Godzilla. He has his own blog called James Godzilla Page and he would like to have some followers. Please check out his stories and leave a comment or too. He would be delighted.

I digress. I've been writing every day but haven't typed any of it up yet. That is going to take some time. The story is progressing - slowly but surely. I'm not quite sure if I want Ben to have the same background as before or change it up a bit. In the original story, he was considering becoming a priest, but changed his mind and decided to concentrate on his sculptures. Samantha and he feel easily in love and there wasn't any conflict. She liked him instantly.

Right now in the second draft, she doesn't like him so much because of his attitude about her and his brother. Ben thought she and his brother were living together as lovers, and that she kicked him out. But actually his brother was helping her after she was injured in an attack. His brother keeps this from him for some reason. The reason is still a slight mystery to me as well. That's something else brewing in the back of my head. Ben's background seems like it should be different to mesh with the story. For some reason I want him to have a background in law enforcement and he quit due to some heavy duty stuff happening. Maybe got shot himself or killed someone in the line of duty and it was all just a bit much for him. So now he pours his emotions into the sculptures he creates. And it's because of his background that his brother never told him anything about his relationship with Samantha. Plus it would play into the latter part of the story, when the bad guy comes back.

So Samantha isn't exactly liking Ben at this moment. That's where I stand right now and each day reveals a bit more. It's interesting what pops into my head while writing. I think I need to sit down and create an interview with Ben now that I'm thinking of changing his entire background.

It's my day to man the shop today, so I've got to get ready for work. If you'd like to participate in Work In Progress Wednesday, or see what everyone else has accomplished this past week, go see Kate.

Happy Writing!


  1. Sounds like your story is really coming along!! It is pretty amazing how much you can get done when you're not distracted by other things!! I'm off to check out Jame's Godzille Page!!!

  2. Isn't it funny how you are the one writing the story but some things are still a mystery? I'm sure that puzzles non-writers.

  3. Sounds like unplugged week worked out well for you, but I am glad that you are plugged back in once more!

    Writing in the morning before the computer is turned on sounds like a great plan, unfortunately the mornings and I do not get along so well.

  4. It's amazing the creativity we can foster with our kids when they're not facing a screen! I have to limit my oldest son, and actually he's at an age now where he can begin to appreciate it more. My girls definitely don't have the same interest that he has in the screen! Glad you made such great progress last week and are figuring out how to be productive!

  5. The whole indefinite period of time thing creeps me out, I almost though it would be permanent!
    I prefer temporary punishments.


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