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The Sunday Salon has turned into Musings on Monday because our weekend was just too busy. Saturday was my turn to work at the shop which meant everything I usually accomplish during the weekend was all shoved to Sunday. Amidst it all - working, grocery shopping, laundry, meals and planning lessons for the week, my guys needed attention. Sitting on the couch, rubbing feet, scratching backs while the cats circled, then flopping with bellies up - rub me too! We raced as mario, luigi and princess peach, battling for first place on Wii's Mario cart incredible wacky raceways.

I finally sat down after the long weekend to read "Enemies and Allies" by Kevin J. Anderson. Hearing that the book had Batman AND Superman in it, the guys wanted me to read it out loud. They cuddled on the couch, the kittens curled around our feet, while I read it aloud. As I read, I'd pause and glance ahead a paragraph or two, to see if there would be anything I'd have to censor for 9 year old ears. I'm happy to say there was very little that was objectionable. After James went to bed, Father and I watched the movie "Get Smart" with Steve Carell and Ann Hathaway. The best remake we have seen in a long time. Hilarious and silly and very entertaining.

I managed to finish the ARC's of "Stone's Fall" by Iain Pears and "To Hot to Handle" by Robin Kaye this past week. Both are being released this week, along with Enemies and Allies." What do you do about misspellings you find in Advanced Reader Copies? Do you keep track of them and let the publisher know or don't worry about it. Stone's Fall, 800 pages long and very, very good by the way, had about 22 and Too Hot to Handle had one. I emailed the publisher for Stone's Fall because otherwise it would have driven me crazy to just let it go. I know their proofreaders probably caught them for the final print, but still. I've come across too many books in the past couple years that contain errors and it just drives me nuts.

Prior to reading those three, I had finished "The Ghost and Mrs. McClure" by Alice Kimberely, (aka Cleo Coyle) book 1 in the Haunted bookshop mysteries. There are only 5 more books with one more on the way. More books to add to my ever increasing wishlist.

Plus two by L.L. Foster (aka Lori Foster) Servant: The Awakening and Servant: The Acceptance about demon slayer Gabrielle Cody. I had to have a dictionary by my side to read the Servant books. The story has some interesting phrases that even in all my years of reading and education, had never heard of. The third book Servant: The Kindred will be out in September and I'm looking forward to it. 5 reviews to be written and posted this week sometime and will be caught up with reviews.

Lately I've been trying to avoid buying new books in order to get through my current To Be Read pile. Rececca at Just One More Page asked the interesting question today: How many books (roughly) are in your tbr pile? Is this in increasing number or does it stay stable? Do you ever experience tbr anxiety in the face of this pile?

I have 55 books sitting on, in or around my nightstand currently. The number seems to be staying about the same lately. I've instituted a book buying ban simply for my own sanity. In the past, would buy 5 or 6 books, read them, then go out and buy more. What created the insanity: A wonderful used bookstore moved in next to our business and I started going every week, picking up loads of books for such a great price. Who could resist. They started to pile up. I started joining in on challenges and making lists of what going to read next. And discovered books that I just had to have now. Then I discovered Thomas Nelsons Book Bloggers Review program and Advanced Reader Copies, which also added to the pile.

Have you ever discovered that when you have too many choices in front of you, you just can't make up your mind? Too many choices can be overwhelming. So no more buying books until the pile is whittled down. Plus I'm being careful to limit the number of book offers to accept for review right now, even though they all just sound so good. My wish list is going to grow by leaps and bounds, but at least I'll be able to see the top of my nightstand again. No more reader anxiety.

Before I sign off - Gautami has her new blog up and running now - Everything Distils into Reading. The Reading Room, her old blog got deleted because of malware. If you haven't changed your links yet, now is the time.

Do too many books in the to be read pile give you -- reader anxiety?


  1. I love your description of reading to your husband and son. I did the same thing when my children were young. They are wonderful memories for everyone and all three of my children still talk about different books they recall me reading to them. And, they are all book lovers. Not a coincidence.

  2. Robin, hearing your book pile gives me reader anxiety!! ;) No, seriously, I have a "pile" of books I'm waiting to read until after I'm done with my WIP. I'm one of those kinds of people who can only focus on my book while I'm writing it! So, I'll go on my reading binge after I finish!

  3. I don't have reader anxiety anymore since agreeing not to buy so many books in an effort to help with the family's budget. I can give into my book addiction by checking them out from the Library.

  4. I think I may have missed something about changing links??? Email me if you have more info.

  5. I also can't resist the siren call of the used book store.
    Please stop by when you get a chance. I gave you an award


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