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My goal this past week was to work up a new outline for "Floating On The Surface." I actually didn't get much writing done for the story, but I did do a lot of writing for my Art Final and other things. I did a lot of thinking about the story and what I wanted to do. I finally came up with a broad outline and general idea of what direction to take the story. There are quite a few passages that can be rewritten to match up with the changes in the story. Plus scenes I had written but didn't include that will now be salvageable. However, I am far from coming up with any elevator pitch or short synopsis - for the life of me I can't come up with a short description.

I mentioned the original story in last week's
WIP and have changed quite a bit. The backstory is Samantha, retired from teaching at a private affluent school due to an attack, and left her partially disabled. The person who attacked her skipped the country because he thought he had killed her. He had mafia ties and thought she overheard something. Did she? She turned to writing and has had two books published. One of them semi biographical from her experiences. She's basically been living under the radar somewhere in New Mexico for three years while she recovers.

Her two brothers currently reside in Holly River Valley, Oregon - one is the Abbott of the monastery and the other has a professional contracting business. Her brother's business partner, Jacob is also her good friend and brother to Benjamin. She travels to Holly River and meets Jacob's brother, Benjamin who becomes the love interest. He is a master sculptor and facing a life decision. While visiting she comes up with an idea for a story - involving the monastery, bats, detectives, sculptures and a mystery. Hence the birth of "Eyes in the Ashes" which will be my 2009 Nano.

Brothers are in the process of building a Catholic Elementary School and will be needing a principal. So talk her into moving for mutual benefit of she picks their brains for her book and they pick her brains about how to run school and best person to hire. In the midst of all this, someone mails a copy of her book to the villain and he returns to finish the job.

I'm sure story will morph as go along in but that is the jist of it. The story begins with her surprising her brothers when she arrives for a visit in Holly River. Or... and I have been considering this, starting with the attack and an out of body experience, then proceeding from there.

My goal for this week is to begin writing the new story and write a least 500 words a day. Given what I told about the story, what would you suggest my synopsis be?


  1. I think what you wrote of your story description sounds like your synopsis for right now. I don't know though - I am really horrible at all things synopsis related, just thinking about them makes my head hurt!

    Good luck with your 500 words a day goal, it sounds like a great story!

  2. This is so much fun to 'listen' to you each week as you talk about your creations. I love the sound of the story. I agree with Kate - you already have your synopsis.


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