Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday is the brain child of Kate from The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me. Kate is unfortunately without internet access at home since she is in the middle of a move, but managed to post from Panera's. Check out what she has to say and fellow WIPer's have to say.

I've been progressing quite well, thank you. I got side tracked by reading War and Peace,(Thank you, Father) found I couldn't put it down and spend most of the last week reading. However, once I finished it, couldn't even think of reading anything else for a while, so concentrated on my writing. My imagination took off and I've written almost 3000 words in the past three or four days.

Our lovers got together, but somehow, someone managed to inject knock out drops in the champagne. An inside job, perhaps. Winter wakes up in the hands of the Villainess, on a boat somewhere and not with her lover. Dominic is awakened by his son and the bodyguard who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Winter. He is confused and suffering from an excruciating headache because he ingested twice as much champagne as Winter. Oh my!

I'm in the midst of it now and decided that since I want to finish this by Easter will start getting up early again. So when the cats wake me around 6:30 to go out, I'm getting up and writing, instead of going back to sleep until 8:00. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish in an hour and a half with a quiet house and no one chattering at you. It is what I used to do during National Novel Write Month and found it to be very effective. However, I got out of the habit as soon as it was over.

My goal is to finish by Easter and I have 12 more days. By george, I think I'm going to make it.

For the rest of today however, I am diving into the sea of taxes and starting that long swim across - see you on the other side. TurboTax here I come!


  1. I'm impressed you flew through War and Peace! It's on my perpetual list of books to read.

    Sounds like you're making great progress. In fewer than two weeks, you'll be done! I wish I had the self-discipline for early morning writing.

  2. Hey, that's what I'm doing right now. Waking up wayyyy early to write. It really does work! Good luck! Your story sounds fun. :)

  3. Wow - 3000 words is amazing. Good for you. This story does sound so good. This little bit about the lovers and the spiked champagne is a great teaser. Makes me want to know more. Looks like you have figured out your best writing time and you are in the groove.

  4. Congratulations! Your story sounds very intriguing. Good luck with the getting up early and writing!

    I'm going to try 'War and Peace' after the book I'm currently reading. It's a used copy and doesn't look very thick - but only because the print is very tiny. We'll see how it goes!

  5. Only 1 week left until your Easter goal - I hope you make it!

    I wish I could write early in the morning, but my brain is good for nothing until I've been awake for at least one or two hours. That's why I'm more of a night owl type writer.


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