Read A Thon Update 4

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I got home and around 4:00 sat down out on the patio to read. Quickly gave up on Ray Bradbury and switched to "The Titian Committee" by Iain Pears. I managed to read about 61 pages before my son tells me that AT&T was at the door. "Huh" I think and go to the door. Come to find out our street has been upgraded to fiber optic cable. Yippee, says me. Yippee, say Hubby and we just spent the last hour discussing choices for telephone, internet and cable. We will now have zippier internet and father gets to have his blip blip capability back on the TV and we can ditch Dish. It all gets installed on Thursday. *sigh*

So, Pizza is now on order and French Fries are in the oven for son who for whatever unfathomable reason doesn't like pizza. I'm off to read until the pizza arrives. :) Will update again in a couple hours.

Happy Reading!


  1., french fries, fiber optic cabla and books. You can't beat that. Happy reading Robin!

  2. At least it was a happy surprise! I'd love it if they were installing fiber optic cable in my neighborhood. Sigh.

    Best of luck with your reading!

  3. Pizza sounds good! Enjoy that and your book!

  4. My sons had pizza for dinner too. My daughter did not eat pizza until she was in high school, hated it before then.

  5. So faster internet means faster blog reader right?!?! Too bad you gave up on Of Mice and Men. Great book, but I am proud of what you have done so far! And who doesn't like pizza?!?!


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