Weekly Geeks - A Quote A day # 4

Pushing An Author

Jerusalem Interlude
# 4 Zion Covenant Series

Bodie and Brock Thoene'

Chapter 1 - page 2 -3 (avoiding spoilers)

Autumn 1938

"The air of Jerusalem smelled of rain. As if the population senses a coming downpour, most of its residents had taken shelter indoors. The Arabs gathered in the gloomy coffeehouses of the Old City to smoke their water pipes and sip thick Turkish coffee. Jews of all sects gathered beneath the domes of their synagogues for Sabbath services. Armenian shop keepers stood in the doorways of their empty shops and stared bleakly up at the clouds that kept the tourists away.

Here and there, small groups of British soldiers hurried through the crooked lanes of the Old City. Some would stop and browse, looking for a memento to send home to England. A few would bargain and buy today, but most would return empty handed to the Allenby barracks to play cards and bemoan the fact that they had been stationed in such a godforsaken place as Jerusalem. In India, at least there were brothels. In Jerusalem there were only pious Jews and fanatic Muslims and shy Armenian girls who attend convent school.

A truly brave and desperate Englishman might find a female companion among the veiled women in the Arab Quarter. But lately the Arabs had been killing as many British soldiers as Jews. It was not wise to seek solace beyond the Damascus Gate. Many a man had meet his end on the curved blade of a Muslim dagger.

On this gloomy day, only a handful of the twenty thousand British soldiers in Palestine passed through Jaffa Gate into the souks and bazaars where Dr. Hockman walked. They passe him without noticing the scuffed leather briefcase beneath his arm. Homesick guardians of the great British Empire, they never suspected that this tall stoop shouldered man carried within that case what was perhaps their own death warrants. Certainly it was the death warrant of the British Mandate in Palestine, and the command for the destruction of every Jew who lived there."

Bodie and Brock Thoene Books

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