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The Sunday

Good evening Sunday Saloners. I've been up to ears in a salon of another type today. The art salon. In my Art History course, we have been reading about and discussing impressionism and expressionism for the past two weeks and I have to say I like impressionism so much more. Monet, of course, being my favorite. However, Auguste Rodin's expressionistic style runs a close second. I have always like the thinker, however he has done other sculptures that are much more emotional and sensual such as The Kiss or The Eternal Idol. You'll have to click on the link to see the pictures, as they are too graphic to post on the blog. I gave Father a copy of The Eternal Idol a few years back for a birthday or valentine's, I can't quite remember. He keeps it in his home office and says it reminds him of us. Gee - perhaps that is why I gave it to him.

I finished "War and Peace" Saturday (review here) and after my reading binge, my brain is on strike, it is full. I have no desire to read at the moment. My father said this would happen someday. He did! He said your brain can only hold so much and once you fill it up, you can't handle anymore. It is just as well because I need to concentrate on doing our business taxes this week. Plus there are only two weeks left to Easter and I am bound and determine to finish writing the first draft of Winter's Illusion by then.

While I was reading "War and Peace" I didn't write a thing because my brain was completely wrapped up in Tolstoy. So, I lost a week, but will make up for it this week. I started writing the exciting part this morning - the villain and villainess (whom my main characters thought were dead) made their move and kidnapped my two main characters. Ah hah! What is going to happen next?

I may not know what I'm reading next, but I have acquired a few new books. I promises James I would take him to Borders, so we went before grocery shopping today. I only picked up two books for myself - Allison Brennan's newest release "Sudden Death." Plus Antoine De Saint-Exupery's "The Little Prince" for the Martel Harper Challenge. I received "Re-Deal, A time Travel Thriller" by Richard Turner 'the cheat' courtesy of Lillie Amman yesterday and look forward to reading it. Thank you, Lillie.

Thanks to the weekly geekers, I have set up a new policy of exchanging review links, so if you see any books on my 2009 Reads or To Be Read booklist, let me know and I will add your links to my posts. I'll be working on adding links for my current 2009 list for the next week.

Have a good week. Happy Reading!


  1. Wow - Art History and War and Peace all in one week? Good for you. Are you feeling cultured and classy yet? Have a good week.

  2. Robin,

    Hope you enjoy Re-Deal!

    I have never read War and Peace, but your review made me add it to my TBR list.


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